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I like the Art Deco idea, but it's not Mom's style.  She has seen me looking at those style cakes and she said she didn't like them.  But it would look awesome.   I like the silver & white idea with the green being an accent.  It is an overwhelming colour.  I like the gem/isomalt idea.   I've been searching emerald jewelry and wedding inspiration boards.    I will keep looking.   Thanks for the help.
Very good plan.  I want to see their old wedding photos, the cake for sure.  But my Mom is no fool, if I ask or suggest we look at them she will be on to us like like a fly to s#@t  - this is a surprise, we hope.  LOL     I was thinking of isomalt gems.  I will keep thinking.  Sometimes I surprise myself.   Thanks for the tips and advice.  Will definitely be taking it to heart.
Hey Everyone;   My parents will be celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary next year and we (the children) are planning a little gathering of friends and family.  I am in charge of the cake, as usual.   I have been looking for weeks, on-line and everywhere for inspiration and direction.  Not having any luck.  The 55th Anniversary is Emerald, I've seen different cakes that I liked but when I think of incorporating emerald green into the design I'm usually lost right...
Look at this site:   They have cake recipes to.
Well said Sweettia.  Couldn't have said it better myself.  
The bit that struck me right from the start was, the OP said she wanted a 3 tier cake to feed 50 people.  Wow that's a lot of cake.   Then OP'er said she was going to make the tiers - 6'-8'-12", and again that is a lot of cake, for 50 people.  The 12" alone will serve over 50 people.   The OP'er needs to do more research than just pricing.     And as a side note, I didn't think anyone was rude, except the OP'er.   Also that cake looks simple, but it will be time...
It's easier to get sharp edges when using ganache rather than buttercream.  Even when the BC is cooled before applying fondant it will soften as you work on the it.  Ganache dries firm and stays that way even after cooling it.
Looks and sound yummy.  I think I will give it a try to.   I trouble shoot all recipes to.
Can't wait to see the pic.      Tell the DH if doesn't stop eating the ingredients there will be no birthday cake, LOL!  Just a bag of choc chip and naked heath bars and a swig of whiskey to wash them down.   I think Jack Daniels is very strong in flavor, taste and smell.  So unless you like that I would use a milder one.   Good luck and have fun.
FromScratchSF, you are spot on with your reply and advice.     Many people have their children on a GF diet for autism, fine no problem.  And others do it Health reasons, and as long as you are clearly and firmly and repeatedly  telling them cross contamination will happen and if they want to take a chance fine.  Their problem.   But it is so important to keep telling clients that so it really sinks in and they understand that.   I love that you take this...
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