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Definitely airbrushed.   
Well, I'M A MYSTERY,  just like kkmcmahan.     We can keep them guessing together in our mysterious way!!   LOL
If there was a problem with the cake you would hear about it immediately.   So no news is good news. And I agree 100% with K8memphis.
I think no matter where in Ontario you are located your rules will differ.  I have a Health Inspected kitchen in my home that I sell cakes from.   The most irritating thing is that each person is getting different info from their local Health Department.   My Health guy said that as soon as you advertise that you sell cakes from home the kitchen you use is now considered "commercial"  and they have the right to inspect.   If you want to sell cakes from home your...
I wouldn't normally attach "Ordering A Custom Cake" info to an email.  I only suggested it because it is someone she knows.  Not really a stranger.   I try not to take these type of comments personally, for me this is business.  I know that not everyone can afford one of my cakes and that is fine, I say sorry I can't help you this time, but I hope to serve you in the future & have an awesome day.   I keep my replies to difficult people short and sweet, because you...
I would keep the reply simple as stated by johnson6ofus, then I'd attach this to the email.       Good Luck!
I haven't done that with Wilton fondant, but I mix different brands together all the time without any issues.   I'm sure it will be just fine.
So you are  looking for vegan recipes, pretty much.  There are many good ones on this site:   Or maybe someone has one they really like and will share.      You can also use the recipe for Wacky Cake  it is an egg free recipe, simple to make and yummy.  Just double the recipe to make a 2 layer cake.  My Mom used to make this when I was a kid.   For icing you...
I have Celiac and use  Satin Ice products.    I am highly sensitive to cross contamination and have had zero problems with Satin Ice.   Hope that helps.
Looks like an open peony to me.
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