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I also used an aluminium disposable tin, and for the first 20 minutes I baked it at the bottom of the oven, for the last 20 minutes I moved it up, and it turned out great. Just like with the pumpkin pie, I also made a pie for myself :-)
I have made the pie, and I have told him CLEARLY that this was the last time. It's an older man living in a retirement village, I just felt bad, especially when a friend of mine mentioned that he was probably alone, and was looking forward to a real American pie (we are in Australia, he immigrated 50 years ago), and then eat it all alone.... by himself...I know...I'm a sucker for sad stories :-) Don't know if that's his real situation, but I decided to do it.   But I...
Yes, he picked up the pumpkin pie. It's an older man. So, I think I will do it (change of heart). I'm not that busy, the recipe looks simple enough... last time he asked me to bake the crust separately, do you think that's needed for an apple pie with the crust recipe he gave me?
I think I'm gonna do it, but tell him that in future he can order what's on offer (using my own recipes). I just keep thinking what if it's an old lonely man. He is looking forward to an apple pie, and he's just trying to help me by looking for recipes and tips online. And he will be eating the pie all alone. It just makes me sad. I don't know him, but the least I can do is make a pie an do something for another person.
HAHAHA.... this cracks me up!!!
Yeah, I know I'll say no, but just wanted to share... some people.... he seems to know it so well, why can't he do it himself? I guess he copied the tips because when I made the pumpkin pie he said I should have baked the crust separately (I baked crust and pie together and it was fine). Seriously, it's getting funny.
I have noooooo idea why... the first time I agreed to making a pie, and AFTER I agreed he sent me the recipe. So, I just did it as a favor. But I didn't expect him to come back to me with another pie, and another recipe. Who am I? His recipe testing lady?
I'm a bit frustrated... just got an email from a guy trying to order a pie. I usually make cookies or cakes, not pies. I have made a pumpkin pie for him before, just as a one off, because he asked me, and I thought 'why not'. The pumpkin pie was a success, but I wasn't so happy with him telling me which recipe to use, how to do the crust, that I had to use more butter and sugar etc. Basically giving me all these instructions. So, wasn't planning on doing that again.But,...
Thanks everyone! I am very familiar with Sweetopia! Love her work. So, I tried sweetopia's royal icing recipe (with cream of tartar) and Peggy Porschen's cookie recipe. And it worked! Cookies did not get soft, and royal icing got hard!!!! I also used a fan, and let the cookies dry in the oven with just the light and fan on. Thanks everyone!
Ah thanks for the cream of tartar suggestion, will definitely try that! Ok, so I'm ready to start again Last time my cookies got soft after I decorated them. Should I put them in the oven with light and fan on after baking (and cooling off) for a while?Or just put them in the oven with light and fan after decorating? I usually decorate them the day after baking.I want to do a white base layer, then black outlining, and then fill-in with colours. So, there are 3 stages of...
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