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Thanks for the input. The tin idea sounds so pretty. After talking it over with DD, we decided to go with cello bags. We're going to use left over cardstock from her invitations for a bottom in the bag and the raffia left over from her invitations to close the bags.The bags I ordered are longer than we need, but I figure cut them to a shorter length.
Will a 2"x2"x2" bonbon box fit a single double stuffed chocolate covered oreo cookie? I measured my spinnerleaf mold and it looks like it'd be a tight fit but would work.When I've made them in the past, I just foiled wrapped them and put in a cello bag. These will be wedding favors.Thanks.
It's pricey, but I love this white chocolate; El Rey's Icoa. I've used it in ganaches, pastry creams, cakes, frostings, cheese cakes etc. When I don't have the money, I also use Ghirardelli in chips or bars. I've used it in most baking applications successfully.
the cakes will be different sizes set on stands that are different heights. Guess the term is "cascading"? So they will mimic a tiered effect without being tiered. Decorations on the cakes are going to be the same, chocolate transfer bows with wax flowers and simple piped edges. I thinking of doing something on the sides of each cake, if I do, those will coordinate, but not be the same. decorations will be scaled for each cake. Keeping this very simple because I'm...
I'm trying to wrap my head around my daughter's wedding cakes. She's asked for 4 separate cakes as opposed to a tiered cake. She's wanting 4 different cakes, italian creme, red velvet, carrot and a chocolate. The cake part isn't the problem I'm wrestling with, it's the filling and icing part. She's left it pretty much up to me how the exteriors look and I'm trying for a uniform look. Normally, my italian creme is frosted with a mascarpone cheese frosting sometimes...
I can't tell you if there's a difference between using Crisco you'd buy off the the shelf (w/o trans fat) and using hi-ratio shortening, as I usually use SMBC or 10x buttercream with all butter. But I can tell you how it affected my whoopie pie fillings. When I made my filling with Crisco, before the trans fat was removed, my filling had a great taste and feel. When I made the same recipe using Crisco w/o trans fats, it was horrible! The filling still whipped up nice...
thanks for the reply! I had watched that earlier and that's not exactly what I'm thinking about, though good to know, because I do chocolate barks. What I'm asking about are the cocoa butter transfers used to decorate chocolate.
Anyone tried attaching chocolate transfer sheets to SugarVeil? I'm thinking it'd be like attaching transfers to sugarpaste - use a hair dryer. Am I on the right track?
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