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Thank You so much for the replies
I am going to attempt making chocolate ganache and wanted to know if anyone would be able to give me some ideas on good chocolate to buy and any sources of where to purchase. I live in a small town, so the only things readily available are grocery store brands of chocolate. Does anyone have some name brands and online sources they could share?
I have one and did not like it at first because try as I might I could not get any fondant or gumpaste to work. I finally purchased some Wilton sugar sheets and it worked perfectly. Now I use it all the time. Love it and worth the $50 I paid for it.
If your client has one of the bracelets already, ask to borrow it to make the molds. That way it will actually be more specific to what she likes. HTH
My sister lives out of state and wants me to make some fondant cupcake toppers for my nephew's birthday next month. I am worried about shipping. If I finish the toppers and then package them in any type of plastic won't they just become a soggy, gooey mess during shipping due to condensation? If I don't wrap them in plastic wrap, what should I use instead? I am hoping someone out there has done this before and can give me some pointers? Thanks
The other baker probably cancelled because they realized they were "giving away" a cake. I am not in business, but seems to me the nicest way to respond is to give your pricing and explain you understand if this is not "in her budget" but based on the short notice and your costs you cannot accomodate her $150. HTH
I am headed to San Antonio at the beginning of next month. Does anyone know of some places that might offer different types of cake decorating classes? I would like to find something to fill my time while I am there. Thanks for any suggestions.
Another agreement with jeartist. Mute Cake Boss to watch and it is good. I just want to see the cakes, not hear the drama.
I am by no means an expert on this, but I would say "yes", you need to point the wider end of the tip down. It looks just like an upside down petal. HTH
What I am trying to convey when I say "let it go" is that it is not worth her job. This is what it may cost her if her co-worker goes on the offensive and turns the table on her with her employer.No cake is worth my livelihood which is what I consider my full time job to be.
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