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Since its not that tall I would cover the whole thing with one piece also.  Just take your time going around the tight corners and curves.  I'm also curious...what is it going to be?  
Here's one I did.  I just did a general search here on cc and the internet for "gender reveal" to get ideas.
I use this one.  I love coconut cake and this recipe makes a good one!
I personally don't like the idea of a year-old frozen cake.  But I know that's tradition and all. I made a wedding cake for my niece and just told her I'd make her a fresh anniversary cake on her first anniversary.  She loved that idea.   But her in-laws did actually save the top tier and froze it for her anyway.  They said it was good, just a little dry.  It was covered in fondant and I'm not really sure how they stored it.  
I'm not sure if you meant that you are only going to fill the cake with ganache and then put in fridge until Friday.  If you are not going to ice the cake in ganache as well, it will dry out in the fridge.  If you fill and completely ice the cake in ganache, it will be fine in the fridge until the next day.  The ganache will seal the cake, just make sure you have a good layer of ganache all over the cake and you don't leave any cake exposed.    I usually just mist...
I think you did a really good job for a 2nd cake.  The golf bag and accessories look great.  
As long as you support it properly it will hold the tiers above it just fine.  Make sure all of your dowels are exactly the same length and you measure the first dowel by against the highest part of the tier.  Make sense? 
Not a big deal but when I uploaded photos of a 3-tier cake it uploaded sideways.  It didn't start out sideways, so I'm wondering how it ended up that way.  I've uploaded many other tall cakes and they never turned sideways like that.  Does anyone know how I can correct this?
Fondant decorations will last for weeks or even months if you you want them to dry hard.  If you want hardened decorations, just keep them in a dark place loosely covered so they stay clean and dust free.  Exposure to light will allow them to fade, especially colors like pink and purple.  If you want the decoration to stay soft you will need to keep them in an airtight container.  Even then, they won't stay soft for for that long.   I'm decorating a Dr. Suess cake...
I made a bride and groom cake topper for my cousin to use on her wedding cake in May.  I was hoping to be able to go to the wedding (in another state) and I was going to carry it with me.  I won't be able to go so I will need to ship it.   Other than using lots of bubble wrap, does anyone have any suggestions on how I should prepare it for shipping?  It's made out of fondant/tylose.  I will wait until it sets super hard before sending it out.  I'm just afraid pieces...
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