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Everyone who matters will already know the occasion. Sometimes cake is better without any writing, and this is one of those cases IMO. I think it will detract from your beautiful cake.
Yeah, you definitely nailed this order. I actually love the final cake and you did a miraculous thing, which was turn a bizarre order into a cake that makes perfect sense. If you felt "under paid" you might consider instituting a "minimum" order from now on. That way when someone says they need a cake for 10 with x, y, and z details, you can always say, "Sure, but even if it's only for 10, I still have a $75 minimum per order" (or whatever price you set). Just a...
I know you said you're not asking about cutters, but a lot of people get beautiful results with the tappits. Here's a great tutorial that shows you the "trick" necessary to cutting perfect letters.
I learned the hard way that the fridge acts as a dehydrator on an uniced cake. I'd get my cake out of there. I would take a few minutes to get it filled and crumb coated and then it's safe for a couple days to sit on the counter (unless it's filled or iced with something that requires refrigeration). Good luck.
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