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How long can I freeze a cake for? I have frozen them a few days in advance before but never for long periods of time. What is the longest you think a cake could be frozen and still edible?TIA
No problem! The pattern, assuming that you use a wilton ball pan, is on their website. the instructions are on a separate page that helps!
haha, I just watched that from the other forum post. I actually was thinking that her ganache seemed really thick. Or is it just me?
wow that ganche she uses in the video looks super thick!
My friend had asked for buttercream otherwise I would do fondant for my sanity's sake haha. I like the way yours turned out though. piecing it out gives it much more dimension.
did you not get bubble after you iced them? Thanks for all the tips. I'll make sure to post pictures.
I'm going to make a 3-d soccer ball cake this week and I am using buttercream. Any tips? I'm a little worried about smoothing it out. Anything would be awesome.TIA
Do you let it set well before you cover it with fondant? Also, I don't remember her name but a forum superstar on here uses a tile and some heavy books to settle the cake faster.
I got mine at Target for $4. works like a charm
according to Teleflora, yellow roses and violets are the traditional flowers for a 50th anniversary. maybe you could do gold gumpaste roses and violets... That would be super pretty I think.
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