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I used SPS for the 1st time today and it was amazing! I finally found cake separator plates and 4" high legs in the cake store and it allowed very safe delivery for 2 hours on very bumpy roads! Leah_s has been recommending this for so long and I finally got a hold of the set! You will want to look up some videos on youtube on how to assemble it if you are a visual person. I find it easier to assemble than having the cut dowel roads. It is also safer. Just make sure to...
This ^^. Follow the guide of your cake cardboard circle or square. I use an L-shaped metal ruler from a hardware. It allows the cake to get even sides.
I had this problem yesterday. I added Wilton's purple gel to my BC and it was a pale greyish purple. When I added more and finally got the right colour, the frosting was bitter. I had to dump it. I also have the same challenges with wilton's pink gel food colouring. By the time I get the colour I want, the icing is very bitter. I'm thinking of switching it americolor.
True. I can bake one tier and simply decorated cakes the day before but 3 and 4 tier wedding cakes I can't work as fast and rush everything in a few days which is why I bake and freeze the week before. In this cake, this is a 3 tier wedding cake plus 2 large kitchen cakes. I work on my own these days since I let go my other worker so I pace myself.
Wow Chinese and plastic spoons. Don't know how I never thought of those and they are so easy to get. Jen that is really innovative!
True and well said Apti. They have developed the market for all of us to sell custom-cakes. Without their shows and popularity, people in my country would never pay premium prices for bespoke cakes when they grew up getting $10 standardized grocery cakes.
Thanks for the advice Susan. I got the wedding cake job and explained my process to the customer. Was most relieved. She said she was okay with it once her wedding cake won't be dry like her cousin's red velvet wedding cake. The cupcake samples she had were frozen for a two days before I pulled them out and thawed them for her so she knew the quality was still good.
You didn't offend me when I read your post. I fully understood your position. I have a really good friend who wants lovely big wedding cakes but because she was doing lots of edible print cakes over the years and only a few big cakes, she just keeps getting more requests for those edible print sheet cakes. Sometimes I wonder if the reason she can't get big 3, 4 and 5 tier cakes is because she does a huge number of edible sheet cakes and character cakes. I wonder if her...
Are you settling your cakes with a ceramic tile or a book? I stopped having blow-outs since I put a book over my cling-wrapped and filled cakes and leave for at least 3 hours to settle. All the air in the cake gets pushed out. Leah_s posted this advice on CC and it has been working for me ever since. You can trace back her posts on settling a cake or PM her.
True Kory. Thanks for that little piece of info there.
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