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I used dark chocolate ganache under my fondant once. I use royal icing now or a crusting. I used a 2:1 ratio. Eg. 1 lb semi sweet chocolate chips and 1/2lb heavy cream. I had to use two layers of fondant on my cake. It was my 1st time using ganache under a cake and it didn't set properly. Was still sticky and if i poked it, the ganache would leave an indent. I put it in the fridge overnight but when it came out it condensed. The cake looked really nice though...but with 2...
Crumb coating and applying a 2nd coat of thicker / full coverage icing will keep it moist and fresh. I baked a cake on a Monday and delivered it on a Saturday and heard from all the party guests that was the best sponge cake they ever had! I've been getting business from them every since!I know some cake decorators throw in a box mix into their recipe to keep it fresh...from the preservatives. If you are using box mix base then you can do it a week in advance and ensure... really glad you posted that link! That is a smart way instead of buying number pans or renting them like I did from a cake shop. Hope everyone sees this post and benefits from the link above
Thanks. I feel more confident now about using a grocery liquid food colouring in red for this cake.
it won't make the cake bitter? So then I don't have to spend extra money on wilton's no taste red-red gel colouring?
Hey all Not sure if this is the right place to post but please advise.Most red velvet cake recipes don't specify the brand of red colouring to use. What do you guys use that has worked to give a nice bright red colour? I use wilton's red-red no taste food colouring because I was afraid that if it didn't say "no taste" that it would make the cake taste bitter.Any advice?
Hey all I just received my Master Airbrush machine kit from amazon. Does anyone have this same model and know how to put the pieces together? I am in need of a tutorial. Have no clue where to start. The package didn't come with assembly instructions.If anyone has any tutorials on how to assemble an airbrush machine (any brand), kindly post. Really need help here.
I am REALLY glad to see others have had problem with Wilton's leveler. It is HORRIBLE! I bought mine thinking it was going to save me time and give my cakes a professional look. I ended up with MANY cakes, in fact, ALL cakes with a topsy turvy slant. It was a horrible and EMBARRASSING experience. It should be removed from the market. Messing up people's work for paid customers!!!!
Hey all I just ordered my 1st airbrush machine kit and airbrush colours. Do you all know of airbrush starter kit tutorial links that you can post here? I don't know if to pour drops of colouring directly into the machine or mix it with half water, half colour.I had problems getting dark coloured fondant and an exact shade of fondant. It all asked for too much colouring and it always seems to break down the quality of fondant and gum paste. So I invested in an airbrush...
Has anyone tried Indydebi's BC on cupcakes to frost them? I think I'm going to take everyone's advice and try this recipe this weekend. Yall have convinced me to try it! so thanks a lot.I was concerned that Indydebi's BC recipe didnt have a butter flavour in it. I never made BC without that butter flavour. What do you guys think? Crisco and shortening tastes so good with PS and milk and dream whip? Just curious...
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