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Wow thank you! I saw some of the molds used on this cake on Earlene's website. You are GREAT!   Where do you all buy molds online for cakes other than Earlene's site? I'm looking to ship to me :)   I checked GSA and didn't see a wide variety or perhaps there are some keywords I need to search for?  
  Wow I bought all sizes in Fat Daddio's round 2" high Anodized cake pans and was really impressed. Bought the line in January. Use them with a shortening base then floured pan for easy cake release and use bake even strips. I love my FD pans! Swear by them. Sounds like Magic Line ML is a great line too!
I've seen this and also did it on a Cars 2 cake and the customer was fine with it since I couldn't get anything edible to use. Once they know upfront and agree to it you should be fine.
I used Americolor's gold airbrush spray onto a white BC iced cake attached. This is how it showed up on the cake. Don't mind the dinner clutter in the background. I took it to my cousin's birthday party. I would like to give the PME gold spray a try to compare. I found I wanted a more rich gold colour.    
Wow this happened to me already and it was really embarrassing. I learned to put my gumpaste pieces and flowers on trays in my oven with the light on. I actually keep the light on right up until I am ready to use the sugar pieces. Just make sure to account for the electricity of having your oven light on for the period of time.
Hi everyone,   Happy Monday!   Can you tell me if the cake attached is patterned with sugar from a mold or if this is sugar veil? I'm not familiar with how to make these nice fancy sugar pieces for a wedding cake and what tools to use.   Hope someone out there has experience doing a lovely cake like this one and can guide me on what tool / brand to buy and name! :) :) :)    
Thanks vgcea and Mimi. I feel very confident with this advice. Will try it again with real buttermilk and plain soy milk as it was a one-off order for a bride allergic to milk. Thanks again :)  
Hi all,   I used this recipe recently but got feedback that it was too sweet. I must input that I used Silk vanilla soy milk to make buttermilk for this recipe since I couldn't use regular buttermilk.   CARROT CAKE Ingredients 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 3 large eggs 2 cups sugar 3/4 cup vegetable oil 3/4 cup buttermilk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract...
Wow wow wow. You just sold me there. Seconds of sawing? Doesn't even sound like much cake level sawing. I also am like you where I buy and it is getting shipped very far so I am grateful for your advice. I saw the prices. Now see why people say they save up for it!
Oh. How did I miss that. Thank you I just went to their site. Which one did you buy? The single blade one looks good to me. I guess the one you buy depends on how high you bake your cake right? If I bake 2"H cakes then the single blade should be good right?  
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