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The mock bettercreme works really well for cupcakes and is delicious!!! But I wouldn't do a cake with it.
That's what I thought, but I am always amaed at the insane prices for disco dust that I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something!
If I understand correctly, disco dust and extra fine non-toxic glitter are the exact same thing. But, the glitter's about 1/4 the price of the disco dust. Is there any reason not to use non-toxic glitter instead?
Oh- I feel so dumb, I was thinking of bridgework.
And- you can't use white baking chips or white baking bars or wilton candy melts to make ganache- right?-sorry if this sounds like I'm repeating myself, I just want to be sure- white chocoalte is sooo expensive!
Hmm- I always thought stringwork meant royal icing- suspended fron the side of the cake. Could someone post an example of buttercream stringwork?Also- you may be able to use Sugarveil to do stringwork that would be more flexible.
For those of you who use ganache in the US, what type of white chocolate do you use? I know most of what is labeled "white chocolate" isn't actually chocolate because it doesn't have cocoa butter in it- right?
Did you try to make it a dark color? Often the paste or gel coloring can change the texture of the MMF. Try adding some corn syrup and/or a little more shortening.
The best way to explain may be-"My prices are affected by the fact that I don't buy things in bulk since I'm a small custom operation. I totally understand if you need to choose someone else because of this." I'd bet that they still choose you- they're just trying to get you to go lower. Honestly, if they don't choose you, keep in mind you would be seeing them every day and feeling like they took advantage of you!
There's tons of sprinkles you can buy that look like confetti. I just got some in the $1 Spot in Target.
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