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There are quite a few stencil businesses out there. "the cookie countess" "designer stencils" to name a few that I have purchased from. I have no idea what equipment they use, I know a lot of  cookie decorators use them.
I have canon ip 3600. I had lots of printer head problems in the past. Icing image ink definitely changed my life. I can print with no problem after 4 weeks of no printing. I read somewhere that you  shouldn't take the print head out between uses, the more you  handle it the quicker it wears out.  I had previously replaced my printer twice because it was cheaper than new print head. It's been 3 plus yrs of no problem.   The people at Icing Images are very helpful when you...
Wow, the prices have really gone up. I previously bought 3 canon ip3600 printers from Amazon for $74. It is now $320.   Not sure what changed. Sorry for you, very frustrating.
When I do big decorating groups I use disposable icing bags with no tips. I have shakers with sprinkles and a little wooden (coffee stirrer) spreading stick. I put the cookie on a 6 inch paper plate and  then package them in a Ziploc. I have the kid blow air in the Ziploc so it doesn't smash the cookie.   Good luck. Lisa
I bought my 6 qt kitchenaid mixer from Kohls with a 30% discount coupon.  That was a good deal.  I bought a 10 qt Vollrath mixer online with no problems.
That is basically the recipe I use exclusively.  People love it, but I do have to refrig dough or it is too sticky. I do adjust flour depending on feel of dough, but basically if it pulls away from sides of mixer it is correct consistency.   Good Luck,
 I get a lot of my supplies online."" has disposable decorating bags, reusable bags, parchment triangles and what I use is the 12" x 800' parchment roll.  There are many online suppliers, you can even go on Amazon and find quite a few suppliers for decorating bags and everything else.        Good Luck!
To get the backing off of frosting sheet, stick it in freezer for a minute or 2.  Be careful when you take it out if it's too frozen you can crack the image. 
I can tell you what I do.   I put cookie in a 5 x 7 poly ( 1mil) or cello bag. I twist tie the top. When I ship I use 8 x 7 x 4 "white literature mailers" , bag, tie and box all from "" .   I lay bubble wrap on bottom of box, I line up cookies in a row not stacked  and pack colored shred or tissue paper around cookies and bubble wrap on top. I'm sure that all is packed tight so there is no room for movement. Haven't had any breakage.   I think bakery...
Unfortunately the law (at least in CA) states you can not store or bring any product home. You would have to leave it there.  Too bad you have to pay for freezer space, the kitchen I rent doesn't charge freezer space. I don't know if your kitchen has different pricing. My kitchen has the fee for baking.. and a lower fee for using space for decorating or packaging (that doesn't use oven,mixer or their equipment).    It isn't cost effective for me when I do my custom...
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