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I actually trace around the bottom of the cake pan in my sketchbook so I know the exact size I'm working with when it comes to designing the top of the cake. When I'm working on trying to design the side of the cake I make sure to work with approx. 4" high sketch because that is usually the height of my cakes. I've found no matter how well you think out or draw out your design prior to actually making the cake...I almost always need to make last minute changes to make the...
Yes, make your fondant no less than 1/8"thick. It will be fine.
Just cut the ingredients in half. Pretty much as simple as that!
I, too took the Wilton courses. As far as cake designs go...I just start with color and theme...If someones favorite color is purple and they love violets...that's the starting piont. I also have a huge sketchbook full of ideas that come to my mind that I would love to try in the future. Every time I get an idea and don't have anyone to use it for at the time or even if I do, I draw and write about it in my sketch book. I practiced in between classes with leftover...
I call mine my blue suede cake. I use a doctored cake mix from " Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor" ( the red velvet cake recipe) and just add blue food coloring. I only use 1/1 ounce bottle of food coloring not 2...but you can color it to your taste.
I never even thought about hand making sprinkles. Your idea sounds like a good one though. Does your clay extruder have a disc that has alot of holes in it? You can squeeze out a bunch of lines of fondant at one time and then cut them into small sprinkle size pieces. Good luck!!!
Get a scale!! I have an OXO Digital scale. It measures ounces and grams. I just noticed you are in South Africa and I'm not sure what youre measuring unit is there. For imperial you can just go online and find a chart to convert imperial (1cup=8 ounces, 1/8 cup = 1 ounce, etc...) and then way it on a scale and make sure you have exactly the proper weight needed. Or find a chart converting imperial to metric (1 gram = 0.035 oz.).. You can either do the math yourself (which...
I have the same dilemma also. I asked my sister-in-law who is an English teacher and she said NOT to use the comma. Honestly, I don't think it is a big deal to anyone...except us, obviously! Do whatever you feel is correct. I am terrible with grammer, punctuation and spelling!!
Clickstix are awesome (not just for lettering either...I just bought hearts, stars, flowers...) and so are tappits. They aren't too expensive and well worth the $. Saves a ton of time!!
Put me on the cake decorating hoarder/addict list!! I am a hobby decorator...maybe I do one thing (cake, cakeballs, cupcakes,etc...) a month and I have sooooo... much stuff. I just can not stop! Good to know there are other people out ther just like me!!!
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