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I bake it up in a small pan and make cake balls out of it and freeze them. I can never have enough cakeballs on hand!!
I just made one recently for my daughter (it is the second one I made). They are a bit tricky as far as I'm concerned. It is in my gallery. I made a candy shell for the bottom and yes you do have to cut the cake down to fit inside. I put icing all around the inside of the shell (because I felt it would be damn near impossible to ice the cake and slide it in) and put a layer of cake inside and then a layer of icing, another layer of cake,etc... I actually built the cake...
I would put them on right before delivery. First...I have found out that no matter how dry decorations are, when they hit frosting, they will soften. It is only a matter of time. Second....The condensation when you remove the cupcakes w/ decorations from the refrig. will cause them to soften even quicker. Yes, humidity effects it. I have a dehumidifier in my workroom. I usually make my decorations 2 weeks in advance to make sure, without a doubt they are dry and they still...
It's cake, that's why? Mine always do too. I have just assumed it's the nature of cakes. Maybe we will find some answers here.
I had beautiful nails before I started decorating cakes. Now I keep them short and unpolished!! It was too hard for me to keep nail dents out of the fondant and way too much work to keep the nails beautiful!!
Oh yeah! I don't use royal icing much, so I make a batch and freeze what I do not use. I just defrost it, use what I need and pop the unused stuff back in the freezer! I freeze leftover everything!! The worst that will happen is I will have to throw it out! Usually, I am surprised at how well things freeze if wrapped very well!!
Crumble the cake with your fingers so there are no large pieces. It has to be very fine crumbs. Then using a FORK start mixing in your frosting. Mix until it is completely blended into the cake. Start with a small amount of frosting and keep adding it until it is the right consistency. I do it completely by feel. Too little frosting and they will not stick together. Too much frosting and they will be big goo balls. I keep testing if it is the right consistency by rolling...
Could you make chocolate buttercream and then color it black? You would certainly have to use less coloring!!
Anytime I stack anything, no matter how ridiculous it may seem...I run a dowel through the center!!I would rather be safe than sorry!!!
$3.50 is a bargain. I just don't understand why people think artwork ( and that is what it is...edible art) should be cheap!!! I'm thrilled to know people are getting $6., $7., and more for custom cupcakes!!!
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