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What about piping it on with a #1 round tip and using royal icing or candy melts?
I always use Wilton but decided to try Satin Ice. I found Satin Ice very difficult to work with also. So...I actually mixed Satin Ice and Wilton together. The flavor was better and the texture was better. The best of both worlds!!
I actually bought electric purple. I have not airbrushed with it yet, but I did dip a paintbrush in and it is a reddish purple and it does not seem to be "electric". I think it may give you the color you want. I don't know how accurite those swatches are. The color dot on top of the bottle of electric purple really looks nothing like whats inside, BUT, like I said I have not actually airbrushed with it yet. Don't know if I have been of any help!!
My expierence with edible markers has always been that they don't make a very dark mark. I just drew some eyebrows on a fondant mummy head and it really did not come out black...kinda dark greyish. I am making pumpkin cakepops also and I am going to use black Wilton candy melts in a pastry bag with a very small round tip.
I, personally would run to the store. If that is what the recipe calls for then that is what I would use. Condensed milk and evaporated milk are not the same thing!! However, it looks like the milk is used to make the frosting into a spreadable consistency. I have used milk, half & half, and heavy cream interchangably in my frostings. I would just put a small amount in and mix and see how the consistency is. If it is too thick, add a bit more. Just add a small amount at a...
Welcome!! This site is amazing!! I am self taught except for a few basic classes at a local craft store. I've learned everything from CC!!
Got mine on also!!
I made one recently. Look in my gallery. I can change the paper ( covered in clear contact paper to save it from grease ) to match whatever theme, color,etc... I need. I will be re-covering it for Thanksgiving with rust colored paper, beautiful fall leaf stickers and gold lettering (stickers). It holds 41 cakepops. I know it is a wierd amount but I used pre cut styrofoam circles and that is how it worked out! It is very sturdy and was quite easy to put together. I use a...
Yes, I posted on page 1 of this forum how I did it.
I did 2 pretty thick coats. Honestly, I would say it was maybe 1/4'' thick. I just poured the melted candy melts in and rolled it all around and kept rolling until I felt it was coated well, poured out the excess and popped in fridge until set, took it out of fridge and did it again. The second time because the stuff was cold it set up VERY quick. Next time I would wait a little while for it to not be quite so cold and then do the second coat. It was VERY solid and came...
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