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I was interested in buying the mini cake pan set until I saw the price!!! $65.00 @ GSA for the 3" 12 mini cake set! I can not afford that just to experiment. I have some 2" & 3" round cakes pans I will play with instead. Baking a larger cake and cutting out circles with a cutter is a great idea also. Never even thought of that one!! I always make cakeballs out of the leftover waste here!!
OMG...ME AGAIN...I was able to salvage them by putting the once coated cakepops in the freezer and then re dipping them. Still not happy with the way they look but at least they are crackless and still on the sticks!!
Well, Disaster!! I tried to re-dip cakeballs a second time to go over the crack (as per my previous post here).....BAD IDEA (it wouldn't be my first bad idea) and the first coating melted from the heat of the second coat and then they fell off the sticks!!'s probably not a good idea for anyone to try that brilliant idea!!!!!! I don't understand why I used to do quite well, with very little cracking and now almost all of them crack. I'm not doing anything...
I have made a ton of cakepops and always have some that crack. Last time almost all of them cracked. The cold cakepops expand as they warm up. That is why they crack the shell. Bakerella says to roll them loosely. Now, I feel that is easier said then done!! However it does help. I am actually making about 50 of them today and here is what I plan on doing to see if I can have ALL the finished cakeballs crack free. I am going to give them one coat while they are still cold...
No, It doesn't need to be EXACTLY 50%/50%.
You can't use any coloring that is water based because candy melts are oil based and of course...oil and water don't mix well!! There are other brands of oil based coloring other than Wilton. You would have to probably go online to find them. I have never used powder to color candy melts...let us know how it turns out!!
I would try 50/50 fondant/ gumpaste mix. I use both from Wilton and I have NEVER (yet) had a problem!! Although I have never used the Cricut machine. I rarely ever just use 100% gumpaste.
Any cake recipe will work. You just need about 6 1/2 -7 cups of batter (for the Wilton giant cupcake). Sorry don't know how much that is in grams.
I usually bake my cake a couple days ahead of time. You're fine!!
If the candy shell is thick enough it should not crack. I put icing inside the shell first. I went all around the inside with it and then pretty much built my cake layer by layer inside the shell. I put some icing on the sides and bottom and put in a layer of cake, iced that layer and put another layer in, etc...This way it fit pretty snug inside the shell. Of course your cake is going to be a bit smaller than it was originally if you are using a shell/ casing. As far as I...
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