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Yes, that has happened to me and probably most people that have made cakepops at one time or another. Are you using box cake mixes? I do not have that problem when I use scratch cake. So, it must have to do with the oil added into the cake. Also, make sure the cakeball is completely coated so there is no way for the oil to leak out...that being said those little suckers do have a tendency to crack. I admire people who can make these perfectly round, smooth, non-blemished...
I just pour it into a baggie, seal it and save it for next time.
I use a "regular" airbrush. It is an artist's airbrush. A Badger dual action. Which means I can control the ink and air flow from the trigger. Pushing down , I get air...The more I pull the trigger back the more color I get. It also has 3 interchangeable heads and needles...extra fine, med. & large.
I've just been doing this as a hobby for a couple of years now and quite honestly I do not know how any one does this as a profession!! I get all excited designing the cake and thinking about it and then the reality sets in....Shopping, baking, cleaning up, making frosting, cleaning up, making decorations, cleaning up, icing the cake, cleaning up, putting the decorations on the cake, did I mention cleaning up, transporting it!! It is the most energy sucking, time consuming...
I assume you are making marshmellow fondant? I would make it the day before at the latest...Friday morning. Marshmellow fondant does not go bad if you make it ahead of time. Make it even earlier if you don't want to cram everything into 1 or 2 days. If you are just talking about coloring already made fondant, you can do that as far ahead of time as you want. Yes, colors do darken a bit when left to sit for a while.
Just remember...a 2" difference between layer sizes is only 1" difference all the way around. It is not too much room...Sorry, I don't mean to get you freak you out ...just wanted you to have that in mind.
I've done both. I love to use already made fondant because it's easy...after spending hours making the cake,icing,decorations, etc...the thought of spending even more time making fondant when it can be purchased drives me crazy. That being said, It is much cheaper to make MMF and it does taste very good. I have mixed Wilton and Satin Ice to cover cakes... Satin Ice makes the Wilton taste better and Wilton gives the Satin Ice more body ( I personally find satin Ice too...
I also make my own cake release...Equal parts Crisco, veg. oil and great!!
I also do not like 1/3 of the page being advertisements. I do not like that there are no forums one the home page...alot harder to find the current forum topics and I do not like that my photos no longer have the number of views and number of favorytes!!!
I am not too happy right now....All of my photos are not in my gallery!! There is only one page...The entire second page is gone!!!
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