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Yep, that can happen. Whenever I fear the cake may have a sliding issue (for instance, I traveled 4 hours last weekend with just an "ordinary" [ decorated but only 1 cake, no stacking involved] and I did not want to have to worry about the cake sliding on the board as I was driving 75 MPH on the highway) I put 2 small dowels through the cake and into the board. My board was covered in fondant...with fabric and plastic that is going to be a bit more difficult. Was there a...
Yes, I would just go over it again...probably air bubbles or air pockets (same thing, I guess) popping and leaving holes.
If the are too big, they will be too heavy once dipped and fall off the stick. I use 1 Tbsp. of "dough" and it is the perfect size.
Is it humid there? If so, do you have the AC on or a dehumidifier?
Global Sugar Art...They have everything
I clean houses for a living.......My go to cleaner when all else fails is......Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!
I wouldn't!!
I also started with the Wilton classes. Everything I've learned from that piont on has been self-taught through the internet...This site, of course has been soo...informative. Reading forums, watching tutorials, etc...and just alot of experimenting!!!
I doubt it. I took the Wilton classes and have been hobby decorating for a couple of years. I have never made IMBC or SMBC however I have read numerous recipes and posts about both.The reason that type of icing is used in the Wilton classes is because it crusts so you can have a very smooth iced surface to your cake and so you can make decorations like roses that will not flop but will crust and keep their shape. Also it is capable of being made in 3 different...
I always use vanilla to adhere fondant to fondant. Same idea as vodka...the alcohol in it allows for it to dry much faster!! Also, from my own experience... Any time I'm using a fondant with alot of saturated color in it (did you color it yourself or buy it colored?)if I have colored it myself...It needs to rest for a while (12-24 hours) so the color gets a chance to really set into the fondant. Otherwise it will bleed! It has happened to me before and you do not need alot...
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