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I just had a ganache recipe pass basic 2:1 ratio. Luckily I hooked up with another baker who lives close to a lab, so she drove her sample there and we split the $100 fee
The environmental Management Department. It's the division of the health department here in Sacramento that handles the cottage food law.
I'm a dummy it's the EMD not EPA. Sorry it was a stressful day. Lol
Hi fellow cakers! So I'm in California and I just got a call from the EPA and was informed that ganache is not an approved item, even though a few months ago I was told it was fine.. ugh.. Anyway.. I was told that If someone in another county has had their recipe tested an approved that I could use that and still continue to offer ganache..  Texas has a list of approved items that were tested on their website.. I think it would be cool if we could do something like this...
I charge .55 cents a mile one way
yeah, just got my first bad review in 3 years! I kind of don't believe her though. I feel like she was fishing for a refund or a discount.. It was a lemon cake with lemon cream filling, tahitian vanilla buttercream and iced in chocolate ganache.. I do all of my cakes in ganache.. Anyway, she said it was really dry and too dense.. i find it really are to believe seeing as I had tons of scraps since I had to carve the cake to shape it. She said that only a quarter of the...
I use straws too.. I just use regular ones though, not the Tea straws. I've never had a problem
I just made club penguin cupcakes for my daughters class. I didn't want to spend too much time on them, so I used melted chocolate and made a transfer..It was my first time trying this method so they're not as clean as I would like them to be. Next time around will be better. There's a pic of them on my profile. Just a thought
I'm making a 2 tiered grad cake and want to put a graduation cap on top of the cake and am trying to figure out the best way to make the cap.. What would be the best way to make the flat part of the cap? should I just use a thick piece of fondant and let it dry or should I cover a thin board with fondant? Any suggestions? Thanks!
I got mine at Michaels but I paid $30 bucks for it.. It's alot cheaper to buy it online through ebay or at amazon. Walmart also sells them and usually all the craft supply stores do too. If you have the cricut cake then you also need to buy the regular sticky cutting mats for paper too. I think I paid $10 bucks for a package of 2.
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