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1. How much larger than the bottom tier do you normally make your bottom/base cake board? My bottom tier will be 14" and was planning on doing a 18' cake board so I would have some room for flowers on the base.2. I am still trying to decide what I want to use for a bottom cake board. The cake will be a 4 tier cake (14/12/8/6). To avoid having to try to get the cake board back, I was possibly going to do an 18' 1/2 thich cake drum. I was also thinking of just taping 4...
Not sure the site needed a makeover. It feels like too much was bitten off at one time.-Unless you do a Quick Reply - you have to scroll all the way up to the top of the page for the Reply to Topic button - 99/100 times you will read through the entire post, i.e. be at the bottom, when you want to reply so a button needs to be added there.-The ads are way too large and it makes the site unbalanced and visibly unpleasing. Now that ads take up 1/3 of the space it bunches...
May I suggest a cake similar to this: but maybe replace the cat with the state animal of Florida perhaps
Hello to all of the great bakers and caker makers in Iowa. Live in Ankeny and grew up in New Hampton and then around Mason City
Yes its still okay to use. Like grandmom said, purple is one of the colors that fades quickly.
I made my frames out of a fondant/tylose mix and then after they dried I laid them on tin foil and then used clear poured sugar for the lenses. It worked out perfectly. My biggest problem was getting the frames to stay glued together. HTH
Even if you are able to get permission to use a company's trademark a lot of them will still say that you can not post them on your website.
Sorry I can't help, but maybe I can provoke some thought. I don't own the agbay, but the Sr. was going to be on the Christmas list for this year so I am sorta curious as well.Why don't you use the senior for the smaller cakes? Not worth the trouble of getting out (i.e. too large or don't want to clean a large agbay off) The Sr. one doesn't work very well on the small cakes?Why do you think the Jr. will work better or why would you want that in addition to Sr? I know...
I am going to say the Sock Monkey
Holy 1 paragraph.....anyways, glad to hear everything turned out for the best. Its always a relief when customers are understanding and easy going. The final product looked great, even after the mishap.
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