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I have never froze my cut outs. I usually roll out the icing and cut out enough for a pan of cookies or two, put them on my plastic cutting mat with powder sugar, and then cut the cookies and bake them. If the icing sits for a little bit I find it easier to put on the cookies.
I have used this recipe for two years now and it is the only one my family will let me use to ice sugar cookies (son loves it). I usually make a half a batch of icing and use close to 3lbs of sugar. I find it easy to work with. I always place the icing on the cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven and then I do not have to use piping gel. I have not used an impression mat on mine but have stamped a few with cutters that have designs in them. After they set out all...
I have used the Marshmallow Rolled Buttercream for decorate cookies recipe posted here on cc many times and it is a big hit with all my family and friends. I find it sticks to the cookies if I put it on them right out of the oven and then remove them off of the pan onto the cooling rack and yes it holds it's shape. If I am stacking them I put wax paper between them.
The wedding cake was beautifull. That is why I was so shocked with the kitchen cake but, I have to tell you I was really afraid to cut into it as I thought it would be a disaster too.
I was at a wedding recently and they asked me to cut the cake. I went prepared with indebi's cake guide but was shocked when I cut the cake. The corners were mostly icing . There had to be over an inch of icing all the way around the cake. The ladies helping serve were asking me if this is the way sheet cakes are done. I only do family cakes but there would be no way I would send this out of my kitchen. One end of the cake didn't even have the rasberry filling as it...
I have never had flour fly out of my Kitchenaid on the slow setting but I have only made a double batch. Mine goes real slow on speed one.
I am new here and I am sure it is posted here somewhere but I have a cake design that has just fondant sides with hearts cut out of it can I use mmf? Or will it droop? Am new at this and wanted to try mmf because it tastes better than store bought.
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