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You could also try parafin wax (aka Gulf Wax).... just use a little bit. I use these for my cake balls and buckeyes... it makes the chocolate shiny and keeps the chocolate harder at room temperature.
Has anyone just had one of those days where nothing goes right in the kitchen?... ugh... last night was definately that night... I was making a couple cakes for friends and my oven wasn't cooking evenly for some reason and I burnt all the cakes! Not terrible but you could smell it on the bottom.. I had to rebake everything except I was all out of eggs! At this point I'm getting frustrated and tired, I run to the store, get home and get working on rebaking the cakes.... By...
Butter and margarine have about 70%-80% fat content.... so, to get the same moistening effect, you would need to do the simple calculation to make up for the amount of fat content, while subtracting from the water in the formulation... you could however use shortening at a one to one ratio since both have 100% fat content. However shortening could give you more leavening, which could be a good or bad thing.
These are all great ideas! Thanks for your help!
I was asked to do a spring themed cake however I just found out it is for a man. Spring to me seems really girlie so I want to incorporate baseball since he enjoys it. But I am stumped with ideas on how to combine the two together to make them happy??? A Spring Themed Baseball Cake?? Help Please!!
I've learned quite a bit seeing as how I've only been decorating for 4 months. I've learned that it takes alot of patience and practice to get the results I'm looking for especially if you are self taught like me! Also, I learned about this site and it has been the best thing I have come across since I've started this hobby. Great People, Great Advice, and Great Cakes! Who could ask for more?Emily
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