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Hello all!   Can someone help me out?  Anyone willing to take a photo of the pattern for the Whimsical Bakehouse's Animal Jungle cake?  I've searched new and used bookstores and the libraries but this book is now out of print and I need those patterns ASAP!  Would really appreciate it!  Please email me a photo or PDF (if scanning!)  to   TIA!   Mirjana
I ended up covering the whole thing with chocolate fondant.  I think there is a picture of it in the my photos.  If not, I'll post it tonight when I get home  :)     We secured the stencil to the cake by rubbing some crisco shortening on the back side of the stencil.  That way it didn't shift as we stippled the luster dust on it :)   HTH! Mirjana
Okay, email me for the link...   Thanks!
Hi All!   This site lists better, more thorough, amounts of batter per pan size.  I hope it helps!  I've got it bookmarked on all devices ;)   www {dot} *******************/321 {dot} html   Mirjana   (p.s.  won't let me post link!  Grrrr!)
Anyone? I really need an answer soon! Thanks!
I just made a carrot cake whic I filled with cream cheese, covered in white chocolate ganache and then covered with fondant. How long can I keep it out of the fridge safely before its consumed?Thanks!
Just had to get it for the price! Merry Christmas to me!
Anyone know if I can use unsalted butter in this recipe? only have the unsalted butter on hand, and was wondering if anyone adds salt to it and how much. Thanks!
It helps to start with the corners first, then work your way to the middle of each side. Check out this video!
I use flower nails only. It works much better than a heating core and a very small hole once it's baked!I've painted royal icing before, but you should wait until it's completely dry and then use either lemon extract or vodka to paint with. Both dry faster than water.
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