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We're up to 120 signatures!! If you're from Minnesota, please sign the peitition and ask your family and friends to do so, too! You don't have to be on facebook.... you can go directly to the site referenced above. Thank you!!
I bought foarm display boards - the three sided kind used by kids at science fairs - in black and white. They're made by Elmer's. I have a rectangle of black suede cloth to use as the base for the black set up and use another piece of white foam core for the base of the white set up. I configure the "photo booth" on my kitchen counter under a pendant light.I shoose either the black or the white setup depending on the colors of the cake. Since I generally setup and...
For carving, I ALWAYS use a version of one of two recipes on this site: either the Firm Chocolate cake or the Durable for 3D cake (vanilla). Not only do they work extremely well for carving - they are also ones that I get the most requests for because they taste great!
Thanks so much for doing this!! I signed the petition and posted it on my Facebook wall.I joke that the name of my cake decorating "business" is Priceless Cakes.... they have no price because I can't sell them under MN law. Worse than that, I can't even donate them to a group or family event when the venue requires that the cake be baked by a licensed baker
I love sparkles and metallic. For silver, I buy the metallic silver used for air brushing and paint it on - either before putting the decorations on the cake, or after. It has a little viscosity and is easy to control. I'd do what you're doing.... gray tinted fondant, and then paint the stripes after placing on the cake.
JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts is a major supplier that I think is nation wide. I purchased mine on and got a better price.
The slightly grainy texture would have to be powdered sugar.....?
When I don't want to casually give out my cake and icing recipes, I sometimes say that my recipes are optimized for large quantities and will not produce the same results if simply divided to make a smaller quantity. That usually ends the conversation.
When you set the border dimension, it specifies the HEIGHT of the border... not the length. So pick your height and then you get the length that it gives you... I don't like this. I'd like to be able to cut a full 24" of border, but I guess there's not much I can do about that I have good luck freezing my fondant but when the humidity is high, the fondant collects a lot of condensation when you pull it out of the freezer. I always run my air conditioner when I'm working...
I use Earlene's chart for sizing my layers: decorators assume 80% or so will eat cake. That's probably pretty darn close. I'd go with the layers that add up closest to the number that you want, but under your number.... unless the person requesting cake specifically says that they don't want to run out and/or they don't care if they have leftovers.
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