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Wow, that looks fantastic. I don't think I could be that brave
 This is what I do. Good luck, the effect is gorgeous.
I haven't much to add to any of the above, I agree with it all (I'm a big no no for cakes in fridges) I just wanted to say that the cake is beautiful, so classy and clean.
Thanks MB, I'll definitely check it out (sorry for the late response, I'm running late this week....)
My MC is always hard as a rock, I can't work out why. Drives me crazy, I have to heat it up before using it. However, it is a dream to work with so worth the trouble.
Fab, just bought it. Thanks!
 I also agree with this, I do a lot of football themed cakes (soccer for the Americans on here) and I once had a women who ordered a cake for her sons birthday (PSG T-shirt) who must have called me 20 times to make sure the colour would be exact. I had done plenty in the past but she felt that the colour had not been exact in those cakes and she wanted to make sure it would be exactly as the team colours. I actually appreciated her calling bc I was so worried that I went a...
  I agree, we are out worst/ biggest critics. Love the sparkles!
  That would be my only plan!
I'll just add another point about the straws, I have switched over (Leah's advice) to SPS. They are wonderful for transporting  & is an extra security esp if the client is picking up the cake.
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