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I'll post a photo once I download it & yes Dieu merci pour google - I use it a lot bc my written French is terrible!
Just a little update; the cake was picked up and was a massive success, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help    Edited:   K8 just saw your response from the other day - Merci de tout mon coeur.
I had a new one today, a client called for a 3 tier cake for her sons birthday. I asked her how many people the cake was for and she said 8-10 kids. I told her it's too much cake but if she really wants the 3 tier look I could make 2 of the tiers dummies. She was really happy about it so I told her I'd get back to her about the price. I worked out everything & messaged her the price. She messages me back absolutely incredulous at the price, she just can't understand why...
Thanks, am definitely going to try it.
Also, just a little shout out to how nice they are to deal with (purple cupcakes) my little niece managed to grab one of mine when I was sorting cake stuff out & bit a hole into one of mine; when I was at the cake show I went to the stand and asked if I could buy just one to complete my set (I told them what had happened) and they told me not to worry and gave me a new one.
Looks fantastic, I love it.
 I have them and use them all the time. They work really well. Definitely worth the money IMO
  This is so cute, did you use equal measures?
I bought mine from DinkyDoodle and love it. I use it for everything. It has cut my work load in half. Plus, Dawn is so nice to deal with.
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