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A client does not stop harassing you? This is after you have already finalized the details but she keeps calling to ask one more thing? What height is it going to be again? but will it be exactly that colour? how many people did you say it would serve , how much is it again? etc etc etc. I have such a headache from this client and wish I could tell her that I'm just not doing it but don't feel I can. The worst part is she has it all in writing - multiple times bc she...
There are loads of threads on this & they are all in agreement - you're better off when your friends do not order from you. It's such a difficult situation but we have all been there. I unfortunately lost a friend to this, she just made more and more demands for every cake she wanted and although I tried to be fair it just didn't add up. For every friend that doesn't order from me - I'm grateful.
  AZ I completely agree, I don't have many likers and it doesn't really bother me bc I know the ones I have are clients or friends of clients (i.e. future clients). I recently had an offer from a dealer I buy from and have gotten close to to put a link up on his page but I turned it down bc we are not even on the same continent and it doesn't interest me to have hundreds more likers from the other side of the Atlantic. I don't ship. (Although AZ, I liked your page a while...
Yep and a lot of these friends suddenly become ex-friends when you no longer want to give away your cakes and have the chutzpah to ask to be paid for them.
Alot of your friends will be your worst clients.
 I've done those in the past but bc I'm somewhat not too coordinated although they came out good I find the Agbay to be more accurate.
Agbay, Agbay, Agbay. The end.
 That's interesting Mimi, I  don't bake mine for that long & have not had a problem with dryness but appreciate knowing that now. Thanks
  Brilliant! I got a call yesterday for someone who sent me a photo of a 2 tier cake with teddy bears and building blocks on it - pretty well detailed & when I gave her the price she responds with "oh, I only wanted to spend €55"You think if I go into a high end boutique, pick up a handbag that's priced hundreds of € and tell them I can only pay €55 they would let me have it? Am I being too mean by not making it for what is essentially for free???
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