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 That's interesting (I'm a skater too)
 That's so funny, it reminds me of last year when I was in the States visiting my parents we went to a store where they asked me my post code before paying. My mum was wondering around and I could not remember the post code (they hadn't been living there long). The cachier would not let me pay bc I didn't have a post code. I said to her "of what consequence is my post code to you? I don't even live in this country" she told me "it's store policy". Madness.
I don't know if all you Airbrush users do this already and I'm slow on the uptake but late last night I had finished a cake and was looking at it somewhat dismayed. I needed to remove all the cornflour, something I hate doing at the best of times and especially not late at night. I suddenly thought that I bet this would work with the airbrush. I filled the airbrush with some vodka and tried it on a small spot & Voila! The whole cake cleaned perfectly within a minute or...
This is what I do too.
The stores send emails? wow, that's a new one to me. It hasn't come here yet although I imagine it won't be long........
Thanks K8, AZ and to everyone else on here for your (collective) help.
  I agree with this;Another thought I had was that why would you ask? when you buy a skirt or shoes or whatever do you get an email back from the store asking how you find the said product?I know that now airlines and the like are sending out emails asking for your experience but I do wonder how many people answer them. Most people now a days just don't have the time for follow up IMO.I wouldn't ask, if there is a problem as others have said, they will let you know.
I don't think you have to cover the cakes with fondant first. Maybe just a round piece for the top as that will be the only visible 'naked' part.
I agree thanks AZ and Apti - at least you still have a chance I'm almost afraid to show my face in public. My friends can't stop crowing about France doing so well and England eliminated so quickly having lost both opening matches. Oh the shame
Americolor - I order mine from amazon.
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