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 You should try looking at kosher chocolate that has the word 'parve' on it which means it is milk free due to dietary restrictions that do not allow eating milk and meat together, they also have melts that come under this category.
Sounds about right!
 That applies to anything in my experience!
I agree with the above but I have to also agree with SweetTzippy which is what got me thinking about this to start with, I too had a client who couldn't understand my prices bc "I saw it on facebook and youtube and it's so easy to do I would do it but I  just don't have the time". That was my point, that all these tutorials (again, don't get me wrong I use them too although I pay for them also) have taken some of the magic out of the cakes, the 20 minute television cake...
Just had a peek at his page Leanne, wow some of those cakes are enormous!
Exactly! that's a great example of what I was trying to say.
 I think it takes away the magic for the client (they also watch baking/ cooking shows/ youtube clips just for entertainment purposes)- not for me, I still have to make it & know that it is not done in 5 minutes.
No apologies necessary, I don't always explain myself well. I tend to over think and then go into a complete ramble about what I've been trying to say which may or may not have anything to do with my original point
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