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Thanks K8 that sounds like a plan, plus I appreciate you pointing out how to do it as I'm not great at visualizing, I'll try that tomorrow morn. I'm determined to take the rest of today off, (it's trés authentic btw)
Thanks K8, I like the idea of white buttercream. I can sort of see that working if I do it correctly.   I like the idea of spun sugar but as you said not sure about how to get it white.
HI everyone,   I'm still wondering about this, do you think spun sugar will work?
I've had another thought too, If you are giving it as a gift then surely the design & size should be what you can afford both in financial and time you give and not on what they want?
  Brilliant! To the OP, family and friends are the worst clients. We've most of us been down this road, it's really hard to have to start charging but once you reach a certain level of expertise and professionalism you have to otherwise the only clients you have will be the non paying ones.
I love the idea of the upside pan K8 thanks! Am going to try it for a cake today & see how it goes,   Claire
Hmmm, I hear you; unfortunately the fridge idea is a no go and I think I'd be too nervous to try the ice packs. Ugh, I hate this humidity - even before I started caking and now even more so. Thanks though
Does anyone know if it is better for cakes to be in front of or in a room where there is AC or a fan? I've read conflicting things about both so am not sure. We are in the midst of some really muggy weather in low 90's and I'm wondering what is the best one to use? I've tried with the AC but haven't seen much of a discernible difference. My AC is only a portable one and not very strong even though with the door of the room where the cakes are shut the room does get very...
 Agree on both counts.
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