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Annie, I have made SMBC with margarine multiple times with no problem (apart from one time I added too much colouring and flavour and ended up with a disaster best not thought about). Anyway, you mention I probably wouldn't be able to make IMBC which although I've never tried I wonder what the difference would be considering I've made SMBC with success. Any thoughts?
Ah ok, good to know. Thanks
I don't offer candles and when asked I say no but am happy if the customer wants to supply one. Personally, I think it ruins the look of the cake. I recently had one who wanted to put it on the top of a Chanel handbag, I wanted to cry
I find that SMBC doesn't crust, is it supposed to? I'm wary of using under cakes bc of that.
Thanks for the replies, we can use butter (I eat it all the time) just that we don't mix meat and milk and bc most of my clients are Jewish and I don't know if they will be eating the cake with a meat meal or not I just make it what we call Parve (neither meat or milk) ingredients. Hence the 2 ovens.   I'll definitely PM you for specifics, thanks again!
Do you think it would be possible to use margarine instead of shortening or butter? We don't get shortening here (Paris, France) and I don't use butter bc I'm Jewish and don't use milk ingredients unless making a specific cheese cake (I have 2 ovens). I usually use margarine with no trouble, the recipe I use is margarine, icing sugar, soy milk, vanilla pudding and I usually add some lemon essence to cut the sweetness, however, your recipe sounds really good and...
    What age is 7th grade?
Unfortunately this is something I think we all go through and will continue to bc people underestimate the work that goes into these cakes: I'll say it again, it's the fault of all the tv shows showing these cakes ostensibly put together over a 20 minute program. Plus, and I don't know if this is the case with you but if you work from home even fully licensed and everything they expect to pay even less bc they figure you have no over head. I've had this on more than one...
Just gorgeous,   Do you have a template for the baby bottle? I have such a hard time making those and would love them to look as authentic as yours does.
That's what I do too. Easy as pie and gives a really nice and professional look.
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