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I agree with this completely as I have found the same. 
Anna, you are such a sweetheart! (And so nice of the son to send such a kind note). 
  This sounds like the Heshey's recipe which I use for cupcakes, I don't find it dense enough for carving even with the cake being frozen. You need a more "stable" cake to carve like a chocolate mud cake. For a cake that is not being carved like a small 6 inch or something I use this recipe - it is delicious.
I've had the same thing happen to me & the cake was absolutely delicious.
That's so funny bc I'm a beautician too! But, I don't practice anymore bc I fell in love with cake baking and decorating (on a one of to see if I could create something) so use my studies for that instead.
I also agree that the internet seems saturated with all these free and paying tutorials but I don't know how many people are actually doing more than just making an occasional family bday cake. Once you watch some of these tutorials (even the free ones) it becomes obvious pretty quickly that there is no money to be made in the beginning bc the outlay is enormous so it really depends on how dedicated people are. Saying that, one of my pet peeves are the tv shows that make...
They loved it, thanks!
Ok, so here it is   THanks for all your help,          
I thought about that, thanks everyone for your help, I will post a photo once done. Here goes.................
  You're right (about everything)! I have explained to them that it will be small but I don't think they realize just how small which is also worrying me. Plus, they tried to bargain me down but I just couldn't (I've given in so many times and then hate myself) I even told them that I don't usually make this size cake on its own bc it's not viable, I explained to him that just bc I'm using less flour, sugar and eggs doesn't lessen the time  I have to spend on the...
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