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I would make the cake, your brother may be looking at this as a way to reconciliation. I agree with Pastrybaglady - men in general do not know how to come back & would rather pretend nothing is wrong then get into a whole discussion on "she said, he said". Ultimately the decision is yours, I feel your (& everyone else on here who has expressed problems with loved ones) pain but think that you will feel worse if you did not accept this rather time consuming and expensive...
Quote:Exactly!I honestly find these kind of clients just depressing. I know that not everyone can afford to buy an expensive cake be it for a birthday, christening, wedding or whatever but then there seems to be - esp for a wedding - a budget for everything else. Why are cake decorators treated as though they were standing down the market place or at the fair so that they can be bargained with??? This does my head in. I had a client today who turned me down bc " oh, I was...
I agree with Dayti - I recently covered  a 3 tier dummy with 2 of the tiers having frills on them too. Covering them in fondant gets the top covered (as Dayti mentioned) plus water on polystyrene does not stick too well. I don't know what you need yours for but I only wanted them for photos  work was slow and I wanted to try some new ideas so when I covered them I cut the fondant off of the back of the dummies as it would not be seen.
I'd advise against a roombah especially as you suggest running it nightly - my Parents have one and it makes a lot of noise, seriously it's very very loud, also it does not get into corners bc it's round. My mum has all but given up on using it. A vacum cleaner would be a better choice IMO.
Agree with all but the cats (terrible fear of them), otherwise why do you care? who is going to see you?
Maybe you need to take off a few weeks (or longer) break. Before August I was feeling somewhat burnt out, just exhausted from no break all week - bed at 12 or 1 and up again at 5-6. However, I've had almost no orders for the month of August and I miss caking - so much so I bought dummies and have been doing some wedding cake style cakes for practice. Try a few weeks of no cakes and see if you still feel the same way. Chances are you just need a break.
Ah ok, that's great that you're able to eat chocolate again, don't know what I'd do without it
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