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I agree with the above but I have to also agree with SweetTzippy which is what got me thinking about this to start with, I too had a client who couldn't understand my prices bc "I saw it on facebook and youtube and it's so easy to do I would do it but I  just don't have the time". That was my point, that all these tutorials (again, don't get me wrong I use them too although I pay for them also) have taken some of the magic out of the cakes, the 20 minute television cake...
Just had a peek at his page Leanne, wow some of those cakes are enormous!
Exactly! that's a great example of what I was trying to say.
 I think it takes away the magic for the client (they also watch baking/ cooking shows/ youtube clips just for entertainment purposes)- not for me, I still have to make it & know that it is not done in 5 minutes.
No apologies necessary, I don't always explain myself well. I tend to over think and then go into a complete ramble about what I've been trying to say which may or may not have anything to do with my original point
The mind boggles.
 I realize that, I'm just saying it takes away the magic of it when you can see it being made. Maybe I'm not expressing myself correctly.
I had a customer call me for a football themed cake, I tell him the different options and send him photos with prices, how many it feeds etc. He calls me back to say he loves the T-Shirt one but it's too big for such a small party and too expensive so he'll take the smaller football ball one. I say ok and start to discuss details with him for the ball and mid sentence he says "Ok, you know what? I'll take T-shirt one even though it's too much cake; just give it to me for...
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