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I've had a new one today - a woman calls to order a cake, I give her the price; she hems and haws and says she'll call me back which she does a while later to tell me that she's found someone on FB who can do the same cake for 30€ can I match the price. I said no but told her she  should take her up on it if it's more her budget to which she says "but your cakes are so much nicer and professional I really want yours". If there was an emoticon for banging my head against...
Really pretty, I bet they loved it!
This is what  I found when I searched it,   I could be off base though,   You could try a few mixes on small pieces of fondant to see which comes out the closest but remember fondant darkens once it settles.
It looks like an apricot coral to me.
Have any of you seen DinkyDoodle's latest invention the Cake Frame? If so what are your thoughts? Do you think it's better than SPS? Does anyone know how much it will cost? I have to admit I'm kind of curious about it but wonder about stability and price.
Thanks again, you have eased my mind  Think I'll warn her again though that I can't guarantee freshness.
Ah that's interesting Mimi, thanks. Think it could stretch to 2 weeks though? She swears that last time she ordered cookies (not from me) they last 2 months just sitting out and got rock hard (I'd have thought they'd have gone soft)? So she figures 2 weeks is nothing in cookies shelf life.
Regular cookies, 1 cup marg 1 cup granulated sugar 1 lrg egg 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 3 cups flour - all purpose flour, plus extra for rolling out dough.   For the record, I agree with you but my client is insistent that they will stay fresh. I just don't like the idea of it bc I'm sure they won't so figured I'd come on here and ask the experts.   If I tell her to freeze them, how should it be done? They will have fondant decorations on them.
I need to make cookies for a client who will be flying with them 2 weeks in advance of the party (it's the only time she can come). What is the best way to keep them fresh, they will be individually packed and closed. Will that be enough?
When I was a child in London we all played with gollywogs same as we played with any other doll or stuffed toy, there was no racism attached to them at all. I know that now they are no longer acceptable but for me they have good memories - playing as kids do with no notion of what they represented.   Back to the OP, I wouldn't do it for all the reasons given above.
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