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If you live near a Michaels you can buy a Wilton spray, they have a pink one that I once used on flowers and it came out hot pink. HTH
6in cake are for (according to the charts I've read) for 12-15 people. While 15 may be stretching it a bit, there is definitely enough for 12. We are talking 2 layers here right?
I'm wondering about the France angle as I live in Paris (over 20 years) & I have yet to see one bakery offering Fondant cakes - the bakery near me orders them from me as do restaurants making birthday parties etc. She may be talking about patisseries but they are more strawberries and cream and not at all "American" style cakes (as fondant cakes are called here). She sounds way "up" herself, put her on your no list and close the page.
Thanks Mimi!
 ^^ This.
I would drape it while fresh and add some rolled up kitchen roll or bubble wrap to hold the form while its drying. I definitely wouldn't attempt to cut it when it's already dry, it could tear quite a bit.
A friend of mine wants me to do a cupcake demonstration for her daughters upcoming birthday but although I've done one in the past it was for family so I didn't charge. My question is how much do I charge for my time? It'll be for an hour and I know what to charge for the cupcakes, creams and the like but not sure how to work out my time amount. Any thoughts?
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