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 I agree with you, I too learn a lot from online. I haven't been to any expensive schools either I was only making an observation that I truly believe it takes away some of the magic because even if someone watches a cake show but doesn't make cakes they still feel that it's way easier to make then they thought & that anyone can make it even if they don't for whatever reason. For example something like sugarveil or the marvellous molds & the like which gives such a...
Firstly, the cake is so cute; Love the design. Also, I don't think (I could be wrong) that bc the gumpaste hadn't set completely that would be why the cake had shifted. Looks like it had been handled one time too many.
I'll start of by saying that I buy and use tutorials for quite a few designs (I also youtube) however, my question to you all is; considering there are tutorials out there on more or less anything (I assume) don't you feel it takes away a little of the magic of cake decorating? I know that not everyone who watches the tutorials makes cakes but I think it takes away something special from the cake if they know how it's made. Anyone else agree?
Wow, definitely looks like it was dropped or smashed by braking hard or something of the type multiple times. Definitely not your fault.
Do you not use any crisco, butter or margarine?
 This is a great tip, thanks
Wow, that looks fantastic. I don't think I could be that brave
 This is what I do. Good luck, the effect is gorgeous.
I haven't much to add to any of the above, I agree with it all (I'm a big no no for cakes in fridges) I just wanted to say that the cake is beautiful, so classy and clean.
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