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  I agree with K8 (as usual)! Although I never refrigerate cakes as I'm just too much of a worrier but I have a client who without fail orders a cake and then ultimately freezes it bc she then decides that it's too beautiful to cut in school so she will keep it for a family party in the near future instead. I don't know why she doesn't order it for a family party to start with but anyway..... back to the freezing, when she first called me and said she'd decided to freeze...
I use the Dinkydoodle airbrush and use it for everything. It is such a time saver, I've ordered another pen to facilitate going between colours on the same cake. Go for it!
Amazon sells Americolor - I buy it there.
Me too!
 That's what I have too but I'd love a proper sheeter (I have a weak left wrist), they're so expensive though.
Definitely   (I'll say it again - a lot of the blame for this goes to 20 minute tv shows that don't show the amount of work or people behind the scenes or price that goes into each cake, therefore leading everyone to believe they "must" have a cake but do not want to pay for it)   How much can she be making though if she's only charging 30€ for a 6 inch cake? Madness.
I wasn't able to find the video but are you talking about Cake Frame?
I've had a new one today - a woman calls to order a cake, I give her the price; she hems and haws and says she'll call me back which she does a while later to tell me that she's found someone on FB who can do the same cake for 30€ can I match the price. I said no but told her she  should take her up on it if it's more her budget to which she says "but your cakes are so much nicer and professional I really want yours". If there was an emoticon for banging my head against...
Really pretty, I bet they loved it!
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