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I actually gave it a try last week and I was very happy with the taste but not with the consistency might have been the margarine I used. It was hard to get on the cake it felt too oily like. Slippery almost and I was not able to make a border with it . I guess I have no choice but to use the butter. I might try it again with a different brand margarine.
I have read old post about this topic and all I see is don't ever use butter period. Most say because of "taste" I'm not concerned about taste I want to know about consistency. 
Hello I hate the taste of butter in buttercream. Has anyone tried using margarine instead. I use margarine for everything because of taste. Is this possible or not. I don't want to waste my ingredients on something that won't work. Thanks! 
That's the same thing I thought! 
I actually did suggest getting a separate small 3L cake on the side because appearantly the husband was the one insisting on the 3L. But it's her 6 year olds birthday and he wanted a toy story cake. 
that might work it could be an option to put out there and see if they might want to do this.
I have a request for a tres leches cake but I dont think it can be done. I have never done or ever seen a tres leches cake stacked in tiers. This customer wants a FONDANT cake 2 tier and one of the tiers has to be tres leches top or bottom. I simply told her that it can not be done. So she decided to try with someone else and I lost the sale. I just didnt want to get involved. I rather experiment on my own first before selling or commiting to a customers needs. I am...
This might be good for custome cake boards. 
Nope sorry doesn't make sense to me at all...but thanks so much anyway. 
Can't be that difficult to do. Practice makes perfect! 
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