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Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I also have a FB page, but will try your ideas also. TY
I've been making & decorating cakes from my home for about a year now, and still cannot generate much business. I get compliments when I deliver the cakes, even had one customer call me from their party stating how great the cake was! However, never any repeat customers, and new ones are very few and far between.I'm advertising on Craig's list, have a web site, pass out cards whenever I feel it is ok to do, and leave extra cards with my customers when delivering the...
Myslady, thank you. It worked with no problem!
Myslady, went to and received this notice:NOTICE: This domain name expired on 05/20/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion. Just so you would know.
I can't find the instructions on doing the Billowing Technique & I would so like to try it. Thanks.
I've done this by putting in two thin logs of two different colors, and when extruding them, slightly twisting them as they come out. Works great! Good luck.
I use my word processor to print/write my message, trying different fonts & sizes. Then I print out the one I like. I then put wax paper over the printed message & pipe over the letters with Royal Icing. Sometimes I have to pipe a second time. Wait until they dry, then just peel the letters off the wax paper & put on your cake. This works great for me.
Leah, What is SPS? Thanks.
Are you still making free cakes? I would love to put my order in!
I would like to know how and where to order the new book on Gelatine Flowers, Bows, Butterflies, etc. Thank you.
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