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How do I make an India Elephant cake topper for a groom's cake?  (They also want the bride & groom sitting on top of the elephant)   Also what's best to use, modeling chocolate or RKT?  Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are awsome!  I just wish I could live three more lives to use all of these.
I also am a home baker & do about 1-2 cakes a month.  Would like to do more!  Once I had mother & daughter request a tasting for her 16th birthday cake.  However once they came to my house, met me & saw a few of my dummy cakes I had on display, and after we talked about their cake, nothing further was said.  I'm glad, as now I feel unless it is a large cake, I don't want to make 3-4 different cupcakes & separate fillings.
Thank you.  It's so much fun to see how others work including all the extra links.
Can't find anything since the new changes!  Tried your source & was told "Sorry, We could not find".  Do you know of any other place for marzipan vegies & fruits, photos & how to do's? Thanks.
Miriel, Can you please PM me the instructions too! Thanks
What is the best air brushing equipment for a home licensed cake decorator to purchase? I've seen too many cloging problems, but I can't afford to spend too much. Thanks.
Does canned frosting crust? Do I have to mix it with something like powdered sugar, buttercream frosting, or...? Thanks!
Oh Beckalita, I like the idea of cornstarch. My husband suggested that, but who listens to husbands, Even if he did go to CIA! Thanks all.
Kakelady I put my salt in cold water using Wilton's recipe. Maybe I should try warm water. Cakegirl I'm going to print out her recipe & check it out also. Thanks all.
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