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Thanks for responding.
I stumbled on a pic of Georgetown cupcake pics for shipping. It looks like they make them, stick a stick in them so they don't move around during shipping, freeze them and, pack them with shipping pacs and overnight them.This is all I got. Hope this helps a little ?
Hoping someone has some experience with this.I'll be using MMF- I like to roll it out pretty thin using the "Mat"- but I guess maybe it needs to be a little thick. What do you think ?
I'm going on a NY bus trip and would love to spend my day learning more about cake decorating. I have the basics- but my cakes certainly don't "pop" like others do. I want a class that starts early and runs all day. Does anyone know of any classes like that ? I'll be going in April 2012.Thanks guys !
I was fortunate enought to receive the Martha Stewart Cake Cricuit as a Christmas gift. I thought I would watch some you tube videos, read some blogs and then use it. I started with my MMF and I would work in Tylose powder. The one video said to freeze it on the mat, wrap it in saran wrap and then a ziploc bag and store it in the freezer. I did that - EPIC FAIL. It was probably in the freezer for 2 days just because I hadn't had a chance to work with it. I think I kept...
I wonder about making an offering to the church instead of "renting". I too want to start making cakes for a profit- but I have alot of work to do first. I first need clients. So inorder to get my name out there, I plan to bake, bake, and bake for family, friends and whoever I run into. The deal is - I accept tips and/or buy the ingredients for the cake. If I were to make the cake in the kitchen at the church, I would have alot more work. If things go well and I start...
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