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Thank you for your help! I don't plan on anyone coming to my home to pick anything up as I will be delivery only. I'm thinking that the liability (vendor's) insurance is what I'm looking at. My main concern is being sued by a customer, etc.I will make some calls. Thanks for your help!
I apologize if this is a redundant question, but I've searched for an answer and have sifted through too many topics that didn't address my question I am in the process of obtaining my business license and want to purchase liability ins for my home based business. I have no idea what type of insurance I would need in this case or what it's called. Is there a specific type for food producers or is it just a general type of policy???I'm in Florida and operating under the new...
Well since I was going to have to go to the store for the vodka to paint with, my hubs went to Walmart bought me white fondant and colored it blue for me. It looks much better, but I so hate the taste of Wilton fondant. The Duff/Fonderific stuff tastes so yummy. Oh least it looks right And I think I'm going to call or email them about the color. The label shows that it is a true blue and I really feel it's not represented correctly!Thank you all for your advice
Thank you Molly. Can't fight the color wheel I wonder if painting over it with the gel/vodka combo would do anything? I'm starting to get desperate!!!
Unfortunately I only have a small amount of white left...not enough to cover the cake
I'm working on my niece's Wonder Woman cake for tomorrow. I had to buy Duff fondant from Michael's because I didn't have time to order SI. I open it up and it's not really blue. It's a kind of turquoise color. Is there a way to fix this??? I tried adding some royal blue gel to it, but it doesn't seem to be working. This blue needs to be a true blue!!! Aaaaaack! Any advice????
I use Sylvia's original for my yellow/vanilla cake and I LOVE it. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of cake in general though. I could eat Sylvia's cake w/out frosting. To me while there is a slight "tang" from the sour cream, what I really taste is the vanilla.
I bought one a year ago and it lasted almost exactly a year and then completely died. I used it about once a week, making double batches of buttercream and cakes. I never made fondant in it or it probably would have died sooner.I just bought a KA and I love it! IMO...keep saving for the KA or something similar
Oh my goodness...I think I'm going to have a heart attack trying to keep this straight LOL! Thank you Barbara so much for all your hardwork and dedication on the behalf of all us Florida bakers!
Well it never occurred to me that there was a mango extract! That seems like such a "duh" now that I think about it.Thank you
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