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What do I need to set up my table at a bridal show?I have been baking for around 3 years now. I have so much fun being a part of someone’s special day. I was recently asked to set up at the local bridal show. I have never done this before. I am unsure how to set up my table for the show. I did not get much notice about this, so we are kind of rushed. Please if you can help me I would love it! Thank You!!!
I have the pump one with the orange handle. It was given to me. I like the green one that twists at the top sooo much better. My ropes come out clean and it is so much easier on your hands.
I have a couple of weddings comming up. I am trying to find the big silver stands that I see so many cakes on. Could anyone help me find one? Thank You
I bought a Tall Tier Cake stand and it was missing one of the pillars. I am trying to find a replacement, and Wilton dose not cary them anymore. Can any one help me find one? Thank you in advance.
I am looking for pink square cake boxes. Any one have any ideas where to look? Thank You.
I am looking for some place to order my cupcake liners in bulk. I have been getting the ones from Wilton or WM, but always seem to need more, and they are out of stock. If you could please help me. Thank You.
I am hoping to have a mothers day cupcake party. I am so stumped as to what to do. I know that there is going to be around 100 people there. (Lots of mom's) I am looking for ideas on cupcake designs that would be appropriate. Thank You for all your help!
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