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For a pure white frosting, use clear vanilla and no butter. I do not use butter at all (I live in Arkansas with heat and humidity), I only almond and vanila, but some people use a clear butter flavor or emulsion. I personally hate the fake butter flavor
use spray oil and a wide soft springgy snaps back in place brush that doesn't shed for large areas and smaller brushes for smaller things. the ingredients list on the can. i have accidentally used some that had water in it which caused the colored fondant to smear onto the other colors when i brushed it.I believe the shine from steaming actually dries back matte just like a sweating cake, but I'm not sure.
I made a pair several years ago for a groom's cake. I had never made a pair before and he said he didn't care, he knew the cak would taste good He brought them to me the week of the wedding, because he just got home and wanted me to have the 'REAL' ones. I have a picture in my photos. If I remember, I baked a bunch of 5"/6" cakes ( to have the crust on the outside for support (also put a board and dowels between cake 2 and 3)and also baked a 1/2 sheet cake which I cut in...
Thanks for the input. I was really hoping for suggestions and ideas
i see you are from alabama, does he hunt? one of my most popular for men and boys is a shot gun shell (a 16 guage in this case). picture it....4 - 6" round cakes cut in half to make a semi-circle, you now have 8. stand them up with the cut edge on the board, frost the flat semi-circle side and stand up another to make a 3-d half cylinder. i crumb coat mine, then butercream it thick, drag a toothed frosting comb to make ridges. cut some gold/brass colored fondant to make...
I was asked to make a cake for our 20 year class reunion, so i agreed that it would be my contribution. it will also be the last cake for me to make. after 10 years and 1000's of cakes, i just cannot continue due to fibromyalgia (the stress and late nights are killing me a day or two afterward). here is some info on the reunion:75-100 people (i'm doing a tiered cake)red, white, and black school colorswarrior mascotcasual buffet style informal venue2 weeks awaymy dilema is...
wheni do topsy turvy cakes, i use sps or something like that. NO EXCEPTIONS. i pass the additional cost along to the customer since the legs and plates can get pricey as well as the addition time constructing the cake. I've done them with dowels and double cardboards circles, but now I only use SPS with these cakes!!!!!
mine goes to 20"
i level mine in the pan anfter they have chilled in the fridge, flip out, turn over and use kitchen scissors to cut the edge off. i like the scissors better than a knife.
I believe it's piped on with the ruffle tip, except with the bag/tip flipped. for the coloring, start at the top with white, do a few rounds add a drop of color or so, few more ruffles, more color, more ruffles, etc... to get the gradations of color. I WOULD NOT airbrush, it would be too difficult to get the color on each side of the ruffle and the color would gather in the ruffles. hope this helps.
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