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I use paper clips, as I lost the pins right away. Wouldn't Velcro melt? Isn't one side plastic?
If all else fails, maybe you can get a couple of friends to also apply blue on their faces and you can pretend to be Blue Man Group.
I use chopsticks and think they're great.
Have you seen the Wilton Girl Scout Kit? Maybe each girl could buy her own. If you are having the girls pipe, you could have the icing in plastic wrap and just drop it into the piping bags. It would save a lot of mess and clean-up. There was a tutorial for that on this site, but I couldn't find it to post a link.
But maybe you could keep a cake and buttercream in your freezer if something like this happens in the future. And some royal icing flowers that could just be popped on. The son doesn't sound like a great person, but if he isn't the one that handles cakes, it probably didn't occur to him until someone asked him if he ordered one. When my kids lived at home, they never thought to get a cake for me until the day of my birthday.
You could cut the orange fondant fish and put tinted piping gel over them.
I apply it directly to my hips.
Dissolve some gumtex in water to make gumglue.
I've never seen this cake before, but, wow, is it gorgeous!
That's what I do. It goes incredibly fast. After I pipe in the candy melts, I put the mold in the freezer for just a minute and they pop right out. I don't use cornstarch or anything.
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