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I have a large light fixture piece that I pressed into fondant. I also have a 16" x4" round cake covered in just smooth fondant. I want to cut a rectangle out 3" high with the light fixture pattern and wrap around my cake. Each time i try to affix the pattern around my cake I either stretch out the fondant and ruin the pattern or I end up smoothing out the pattern when trying to affix it to the smooth fondant. Does anyone have hints on how to do this the right way. ...
Also, Thank you both for responding. A great help.
Do I insert any wire into the culrly end or just the skewer / wire into the straight portion?
. Attached is a picture of a fiddlehead fern I need to make for a cake. I have a bunch to make. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get the curl to look perfect and smooth. For example, should I curve 20g or thinner wire and then try to get gumpaste over it or should I place gumpaste on a straight wire and then curve the wire? Or should I use a different material? Thank you.
It's my first cascade. Should I have it mostly in one piece, like a swag, and anchor it with a spike in the top styrofoam and curving it down the cake to bottom and securing with another spike. Most of the flowers are wired so I can't just stick them on with icing. Thanks
I have to deliver a cake early in the morning and the cake I have is 5 tiers with a floral cascade from top to bottom. Can I fully decorate the cake with the gum paste flowers the night before and keep the cake in the fridge so my buttercream stays firm for next day delivery? It is fondant covered and my first time with a cake like this so I need time to place the flowers the day before as I wont have enough time in the am. Thank you
If I am making a wedding cake and each tier is 4" high and each has 4 layers of cake with 3 fillings, what is the best calculation for cake to icing ratio? In other words, how many inches high is each cake layer and icing layer! What about measurements when there are 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling? Thank you
THANK YOU !! I never saw those items before as I bought the pans in the USA.  
I just bought this type of pan but with 2.5x2.5 cylinder shape and there are 16 in total.   What do you mean by silicon liner?  Do I place a silicon piece in each of the 16 rings?  Or do you mean placing silicon under each of the metal rings like on a cookie   Thank you, Stacy
Hello -    I am planning on making round  3x3" mini cakes (the plan is to cover the cake in buttercream and then wrap them in melted chocolate via acetate for a smooth covering) and then they need to travel to a party location and I will place them on the table for guests to take.  Can you suggest the best was to pack these cakes up and travel between locations?  I want to make sure they do not tip over or smoosh up against one another.  I was not planning on boxing...
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