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added the shortening but its still not coming together!
was trying to color a black and red fondant, had to use a lot of the gel color because it wasn't dark enough. now the fondant crumbly........what can I do to make it stretchy again, thanks.
do you brush after cake has been left out to get cold?
which is better,cold or room temp eggs in baking cakes.also is it better to measure flour before or after cakes has been good until now,they get crumbly and dont know why.someone suggested flour,only that i noticed when i used cold eggs it comes out thicker. pls help!
sometimes my cakes seems to be more crumbly than others. same recipe,sometimes moist and dense but at times crumbly do not know what am doing wrong!
Thanks guys would have to reduce the temp to 325. the inside is always ok but the edges are so dry its sometimes hard to cut. thanks again.
dont know why my cakes seems to dry and harden on the egdes
thank you so much,God bless!
pls i need a recipe for a ganache,want to cover RKT and the recipe i have is not working!thank you.
am looking to make some investment into zambito's dvd.if you have any of her dvd,i just want to know if they are useful and worth the money?!
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