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Why not?  If it's what you want and it tastes good, go for it!
Hi Kathryn, I'm also in Australia but strictly a hobby baker.  I think pricing is one of the most difficult things to work out.  I think you are on the right track with  working out your costs etc.  The only other thing I could suggest is that you do some research on the net.  Check prices on websites, go to bakeries etc.  Try and find someone who's work is on par with what you do and look at their pricing.  You also need to consider your market, ie. kids novelty,...
Oh that's horrible, what kind of person does that?  I hope it's a joke.
Sorry honey, there is no way to make the 'Bigs' not tacky, and I say that with love, because I love the 'Bigs' (actually had my year 12 formal at the Big Pineapple).  Sadly though the Big Prawn no longer exists and the Big Pineapple is not open anymore. BTW, not ALL Australians eat Kangaroo, having lived in outback Qld for a while I saw far too many on the side of the road to ever think of them as appetising. What about a giant swagmans hat or a giant lamington?  Please...
Oh my goodness so many to look at - ah well who needs to see the palace?   I think Choccywoccydoodah is a definite, just for the name alone, it makes me giggle. I've just struggled through making a chocolate cake decorated with chocolates in a QLD heatwave, so my respect of anyone who deals with chocolate is sky high at the moment!
Thank you
Oooooh thank you both so much.  Snowflakebunny, I'm a bit vague on names of London bakers, I know Peggy Porchen has a shop and I think Zoe Clark, any others you can think of.   I really appreciate the advice.
Thank you, I actually was thinking cake oriented things, as in shops etc.  I don't think I made myself very clear.  doh!
Probably a couple of weeks in Scotland, then a few days in London and Paris
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