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Where did my photos go????? Sorry!
Since you are in a hurry, Just go to Michael's and get one of their Large  glass diamonds. You can see one in the anniversary cake in my photos. HTH!
I've been doing cakes for 25+ years, and don't think I have ever had one come out perfect from start to finish. You just have to know that you can repair almost everything that goes wrong, and not to sweat the small stuff. We see "perfect" cakes here on CC, but every cake has a backside, and they don't always tell you how many times they had to redo this or that, or stuck their fingernail in the side of the cake ( I am always doing that!). The point is we all strive for...
How do I get super smooth Bettercreme? Also, Can I put red gumpaste lettering on the sides? Will they bleed? Sorry for so many questions!
Thanks CCers! This question just popped into my head, came on CC and here was my answers! Gotta love it!
please share her recipe!
The absolutely best cake decorating book I have found is The complete photo guide to cake decorating by Autumn Carpenter. Regardless of your skill level there is something for everyone to learn here. I can't say enough good things about the book. I got mine at Michael's (about $25.00).
That is a really cute idea!
Thank You Debidehm!
Does anyone use gumpaste and or fondant right after making it?Everyone recommends letting it rest overnight or at least 6 hours, but is this a must?If you have used it right away, what difficulties or differences did you incur?
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