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I have tried this once before, but cannot find any tutorial on how to do it, or best secrets to making it happen... has anyone else made the fondant bow loops that go into the side/bottom of a cake? And if so, how did *you* do it? Basically similar to having the bow on the side of a cake instead of the top...
I am learning to work around the new updated site and noticed that I have photos missing in my gallery. Has anyone experienced this also? And is this one of the bugs that is in the process of being fixed?
I definately think foil is easier to use, but have always wondered about doing something else. It sounds like Contact paper with an extra cakeboard underneath the cake is the consensus. I found some different fanci foils on Does anyone know of any other unique foils to use instead of having to deal with the Contact paper?Thanks to everyone for your suggestions so far!
I have a question... I know how to cover cake boards, but would like to use different papers (ie: wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper). If I use a different type paper, what do I put over the top of it to make it safe for cakes?I was thinking maybe using clear Saran Wrap on top, but wanted to see what my friends on Cake Central use. Got any ideas? Thanks!
So I would love to make some cake balls, but am not sure of the ratio of cake, to binding agent (creamer, icing, etc.) Can someone let me know? Thanks!
Thank you so much! Those links are exactly what I needed!
Help! I am just starting out and need to know how to stack a smaller cake on top of a larger one. Not with pillars, but directly onto the cake underneath.
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