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What size is a full sheet cake?
Making a small wedding cake - just two layers. Top is 6 " - would you do an 8 or 9" bottom?
I had the exact same issue tonight for the first time and I am making cupcakes for a wedding.  I was praising the Cupcake Creation liners last night because they don't fade and tonight when I opened the box to frost the cupcakes I was MORTIFIED that over half have the liners pulling away.  I am beside myself!
By irregular I meant it looked more like one made from royal icing with a brush than one cut from gum paste - they always look smoother and thinner to me - it may just be me......
Gum paste? Looked too "irregular" to me - but I'll give it a try. Thanks!!
What is this flower? Looks like made with gum paste... Thanks 
Tricky situation - they looked great, tested great - I wouldn't want to have baked them any longer - I was afraid they would be "overdone".  Hmm.....   Thanks.
What causes a cupcake that comes out of the oven looking awesome, with a nice dome, and the toothpick coming out clean, to "fall" as it is cooling?
I love this look - does anyone know how it is done - almost looks like "strings" running through it.
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