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I use half sheet pans. I like rolled edges. Look at the selection from Webstaurant. (Don't ever pay more than $10.)
Why do we continually undermine our baking businesses? Please, stop already with the discounts. 
 Yup. What's nice for us is the ability to read through those threads. Although I don't like wasting my time on chronic liars, those who refuse to take responsibility, and rationalizers.   
 As the noose tightens (or in this case, as the cake falls apart) stories tend to change. We see it all the time.
A contract? Like when we sign up for cell phone service or cable?  I can see a customer committing to cell phone service for two years, but cupcakes and cake pops?   Maybe I'm old-school, but we sell food in a competitive, over-saturated market. I'd be more concerned with proper pricing.
And check your insurance policy. It may not allow this.
Congratulations, ladies!!!
  What she said.  **************************************************  Really, you got four similar private messages? As far as the PM's are concerned, flag them for offensive behavior.
CakeCentral members are already mentored by this community. As @Evoir mentioned, it's asking a lot for one person to spend their time and energy helping an individual.
 Oh, please. Everyone has a scam. We need @costumeczar to handle that call.
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