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I've had people walk into my bakery with a cheap off-the-shelf cake they purchased from the supermarket. Then asked me to write on it. I believe in good customer service so I always responded, "Yes, of course I can." Then followed quickly with, "But I charge as if you purchased the same size cake from my shop." 
I've seen numerous threads on CC. You could try the search bar.
 Very curious - Why was this posted in the business forum? Why would this be more important for a business? 
Sorry, that sounds crazy. If this is your only class, you'll be losing money. The rec center should have insurance that covers all activities.    I teach through several adult ed program; some have me as an employee and with some I'm a sub-contractor. Not one institution has ever asked me to provide insurance. 
 That's exactly what I thought when the OP wrote, "I only charge 100 because I've only been baking a year." The cake was nice but had a few problems. There's a disconnect between running a quality business and selling practice-level cakes. It hurts everyone but it's not acknowledged by everyone. 
Only you know what's best for you and that darling little one. Saw his photo on your Facebook page! Sweet!!
Thanks for jumping in, Jill. And thanks, embersmom, for your further explanation. It's interesting how corporations make decisions that often work against them.
 "I'd personally do the cake..." Isn't that risky for your job security?
Thank you, Goreti. 
Thanks MB, where did you find it? Can you share the link?
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