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 You need to post more often. Love your sense of humor.  
 Bless you, msbelle, for your thoughtful, caring response. I strongly suggest that home bakers take the food safety courses offered for food workers. There's a difference between "powering through" a broken arm or appendicitis, and "powering through" anything contagious. The rationalizations on here are disturbing. I had hoped we could share other tips, such as how to find back-up before one becomes sick. But after reading about this issue in three separate, current...
Yes, of course, the liners should stick a little. That's what helps the product retain moisture. But sometimes the paper sticks too much. In attempting to peel off the liner, paper remains on the product or the product tears into pieces. As far as I can tell, that's the OP's issue. Not using liners is always an option; but this choice affects clean-up and moisture retention. 
 Regrettably, many cheap cakers are so clueless and so desperate for business, they charge very little and still give discounts. Unfortunately, there's an endless supply of these cheap cakers.    
 I don't understand this. Please explain. 
Are we voting? I concur with @ellavanilla and @MBalaska. My two favorite tools are the 6" offset spatula and a spoonula.  
 Oh, I'm so glad to hear you're happy with the recipe you purchased from @FromScratchSF. For a flat top I bake at a lower temp of 325 F. For a domed top I start at 375 F and after five minutes I drop to 325 F until done. Ovens bake differently, so check after 15 minutes. Then bake until done - for my oven I wait to see a very light golden brown around edges.  
 Cake pops are nothing more than mashed up cake. Sort of like when we stop chewing on a piece of cake, set it aside for a while, then pop it back in to finish chewing. Mmmm, good.
  Wow, lots of people sick. Hope you all feel better soon! I've read other threads about how people handle it when they're sick. What do you ladies do so your customers don't come down with your bug?
That stinks! Where I live, the power is always going out. Hate it. We have a generator and it certainly gives us peace of mind. You should seriously consider making this purchase.
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