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 Sweet_Toof, your cake looks very nice. Really, quite lovely! We tend to be extra picky with our own work, but I don't think anyone will notice anything wrong. Enjoy the celebration!
Running a business is hard work. But for me (and maybe @costumeczar, too), I find that writing about running a business is even harder. Thank you ladies, for your kind words. 
 Borrowed three from @shanter.  
 On numerous occasions people have emailed me, or sent a Facebook message, or from CC they send a PM. Their request is something like: "I'm not in business so I don't need to buy your book. But I would love to have a few of the recipes. Pretty please!"    
 Did you tell her you need a deposit to hold the date? People who don't follow through are not your problem. It sounds as if you did everything and more. It's also possible that she does not want a cake from you and she thinks her silence is enough. ellavanilla, you worry too much. I understand how you feel, but it isn't good for your mental or physical well being.
 I agree. As with most things, salted caramel standards have changed as more people become aware of their ability to adapt a fad to their financial gain. The bakers' inside joke now is that it's so easy to change a product name when they make a recipe mistake and add too much salt.
 I had a bakery/cafe in upstate New York and targeted customers who liked the kinds of products that I liked. So my business was great because I understood my customers. When my husband retired from the police dept, I sold my shop and we moved south. We opened a small bakery and it didn't take me long to see that I was not familiar with the southern preference. I had to change products numerous times and after a year, when that was not enough to draw in customers, we moved...
Eight months may seem like a very long time when you're trying to sell French pastries to people who want donuts. Tweaking your menu toward items with better sales potential, such as cakes, is always a good idea. Adding a few meal items can also boost sales.You may find a compromise, but it'll no doubt take time to achieve better sales.
Or they may be looking for your SS# or an EIN#  ... the number you use when filing your tax return. Call and ask them to be specific.   (EIN is an Employer ID Number - you do not have to be an employer and it's very easy to get one. Apply online, it takes only a few minutes.)   
Your customer seems to be quite insistent. Every recipe is different, but two weeks should be fine if the cookies are in air-tight packaging. Every year my baking group makes holiday cookie trays as a fundraiser for our regional food bank - and all the cookies last at least three weeks.
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