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I asked about low or no fat because the lack of fat often keeps baked products attached to the liners.
 Are the cupcakes low or no fat?
This appears to be a common and quite irritating problem. There have been many threads about this issue with innumerable responses and suggestions; but nothing has actually helped resolve the issue for everyone.   IMO (just a wild guess) it's the cupcake liners, themselves. I owned a retail bakery for years, baked thousands of muffins and cupcakes, and never had this happen. I used commercial grade white paper liners purchased from bakery supply businesses.
 I agree, a crust is necessary to hold the lava inside the cake, but the paper liner works in place of the crust. I sold lava cakes at my shop. They were baked in paper liners and the salesclerks had to tell customers to handle them carefully, eat with a fork, and not peel the liner until they were ready to eat. 
One of my consulting clients applied for the NY Home Processor permit. She was denied because she had an active etsy storefront. After she closed her shop, NY approved her permit. I was quite surprised that NY did any proactive cross checking.  
 OP, if pricing is a concern I hope you rethink who you are appealing to. A customer base of people who want "affordable prices" will only find you working many hours for less than minimum wage. Sadly, your website addresses custom cake prices by denigrating your competition, accusing them of gouging the public. Three of your web pages reinforce this thinking.  Home page: "Not only will you fall in love with our delicious desserts, but your wallet will love us, too!" About...
 Used as a filling, commercial jam (such as Smuckers) does not need refrigeration. I spoke with a food scientist at the Cornell labs. Manufacturers suggest that jam be refrigerated after opening because consumers "dip twice" and contaminate their jam/jelly jars. For long-term storage refrigeration slows growth of bacteria and mold.  
 Good for you, klan30! The customer placed an order and the finished product was not correct. I find it unprofessional to save a few bucks (as someone suggested) and ask the customer if s/he is willing to take it. Customer service goes a long way if we want a long-term relationship with happy customers. I'm not sure why this thread is in the Cupcake forum since it's a business question. Business members often have different answers from the home or hobby bakers.
 Customers are happy with the fruit/buttercream filling; you can also use it as the icing. It looks nice and is easy to mix. I stopped making fruit fillings when I realized this was a great solution.
Agree. Sorry, but the customer should get a full refund.
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