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 I agree. And it's more successful with long-time businesses that have built a reputation for excellence. New businesses without a track record may have to entice participation with low prices or extras.
I don't use a recipe, but just substitute Kahlua for some of the liquid in my basic buttercream. I also add powdered instant coffee and cocoa, then sample and add more if needed. Then sample more. I can only suggest you start with your favorite buttercream recipe and keep a spoon handy.
For new bakers/decorators, this process with timeline needs a tutorial @costumeczar
Time management? You're a mom and a full-time student with a part-time job. I assume you also have household responsibilities and a personal life. If you enjoy cake decorating, my only suggestion is to give yourself a break. Keep cake decorating as a fun distraction and not as a business. 
Thanks for the link! It's an interesting no-bake recipe. But doesn't look that appealing - I can see why you stated it lacked flavor.
If this is the recipe, it makes a standard simple cheesecake. It relies on the chocolate to give it depth. A friend of mine made it for her husband's birthday. Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
Beautiful, Kara! And I learned a very useful tip for my spring garden!
If you're not happy with the recipe, try another. Kahlua cake has no standard of identity, other than it should include Kahlua (even if it's just a teaspoon). My bakery made a Kahlua cake - it was a chocolate cake I'd adapted from a Hershey recipe. And it was one of our top-selling wedding cakes.  
How To Boil Water (The Right Way) ... Or something similar. Make it a spoof. Not everyone can pull it off, but you've got that great sense of humor and you're clever! Love to see what you do!!
Also try Webstaurant. They have a large selection in a range of prices and quality.
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