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I'm not sure what you mean. If your usual price is $2 per piece, then that's what you should charge. There's no surcharge because they were ordered for a wedding.   
Try contacting FLIP - Food Liability Insurance Program
 There's a momentary problem with the link. I'm sure Jen will have it fixed soon. Purchasing a recipe is a nice way to support small business owners, many of whom are fellow CC members. They answer questions here and give freely of their time and expertise.
You've been a member here for a few months, so I'm sure you've seen fellow members talk about the search bar. That bar can help you find the info you need. Type in How to Price and numerous threads will appear. Good luck!
My mom used an unusual measuring method. If she needed half a cup, she'd put 1/2 cup water into a measuring cup and then added shortening until the water reached the 1 cup line.   But still, it's more accurate and less messy if you measure by weight. Especially when working with an ingredient like shortening.
Brands of shortening yield different amounts. Fats are typically 2 cups = one pound, so I've found it safe to use that ratio for all brands of shortening.
In the US, the word "nuke" is slang for putting something into a microwave oven.
 2 cups shortening = one pound
Do you have any other baking experience besides home baking? Have you ever worked in food service - restaurant, bakery, deli, etc? Do you have business experience? Have any experience supervising employees? The answers may help you decide.
There should be communication between the florist and caker prior to the day of delivery. That should take care of this issue. I always initiated the contact since I knew that brides may forget or not bother with this detail. (BTW, this is not a situation that happens a lot since most brides do not want fresh flowers.) If there is a problem at the time of delivery, just place the darn flowers and smile. 
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