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 Interesting, thank you! I'd always thought pencils were made of lead, and lead is toxic. Apparently, pencils contain graphite.
You're welcome @Snowflakebunny23. (What I find scariest is the complete disregard for laws.) 
 In the US there's no universal law; and laws for retail and wholesale are not the same. Bakers working under their state's Cottage Food Law should follow state guidelines. In some cases, products are exempt from individual labeling. And then, of course, there are the "hobby" and illegal businesses that exempt themselves from following any laws.
You're in business, it will be fine. A small sticker with name, website, ingredient label, anything you want to add, will look normal. Your customer will not think anything about it. (Most consumer products carry a business logo and more. It's simply branding your products.)
 First time for everything! You'll get through it and have stories to tell. Most important is to be organized with a detailed to-do list. And leave lots of extra time. The customer should not be allowed to change an order after a certain date. Since you have worked out an unusual business relationship with the caterer I can see how this detail slipped through. It's your responsibility to revise your contract and include a cut-off date for any changes. I add this last point...
Wrapping cakes while still warm creates potential for the growth of mold. Not allowing your cake to completely cool causes condensation of moisture inside the package, which will promote the growth of mold spores.  4th paragraph
Thank you Dayti, you have some excellent points. MKC, this is my favorite yellow cake and I bake it often. I never have any thick crust form, but I use buttermilk and not sour cream. Have you tried my original recipe? 
 This "righteous attitude" is an extension of a contributing problem - that far too many ill-equipped people are entering the already over-saturated cake market. In many cases these new business people don't recognize they are in business and therefore have no professional standards. They (and like-minded cakers) are only capable of seeing cakes from a personal viewpoint and become outraged when customers expect a professional level product. This issue has had a serious...
 That's not the way it works.The cake gets delivered while lots of other things are going on. The customer expects a cake at their event. Guests expect to eat a piece of cake. So unless the cake is a massive failure, the customer serves cake. S/he doesn't analyze/evaluate while guests are waiting. If we want happy, satisfied customers and a growing business, feedback is necessary when a client is not happy.  
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