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Hyperbole.   hy·per·bo·le hīˈpərbəlē/ noun   exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. synonyms: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, embroidery, embellishment,excess, overkill, rhetoric; More          
Extracts are much stronger than liqueurs, so I wouldn't substitute the Kirschwasser for vanilla. If you have a chocolate cake recipe, you can use it for Black Forest Cake. Or find one here on CakeCentral, I know there are threads about this. Then soak in a simple syrup with Kirschwasser. Google for photos of the cake...Also, make rumballs but use Kirschwasser instead of rum. Enjoy experimenting! 
or in a Black Forest Cake
You seem like a real dynamo, jazzypetite! I'm just curious - How does your husband feel about this? Does he get a vote? 
It may sound familiar because something similar happened a year or so ago. A member wanted someone to try a recipe she found. The "meanies" wanted to know why she couldn't do it herself. As the thread devolved and the anti-meanies jumped in, we learned that this member claimed to be a young girl in Georgia who didn't have enough money for ingredients. But s/he kept tripping up and let out a series of half-truths and contradictions. Does this sound familiar?  
There are no problems using your Anchor Hocking dish. The label states "convection oven safe" only because some people are not familiar with convection baking. Good luck with your cake!
Beyond Buttercream's Base Cake Recipe is definitely worth it. There's a base recipe with numerous variations. And Jennifer walks you through the entire process, as if she was standing next to you in the kitchen.    
  Thank you for posting this, Rfisher. The part that amazed me, page 1061 of the report: "All employees, including the two with documented illness, denied being ill while working." 
 Dayti, it's a sad sign of the times. Here's a link, best recipe for white cake @FromScratchSF
 Good for you! In years past, Wilton built a solid reputation for quality products. Now they don't seem to care as much.
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