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Agree. Sorry, but the customer should get a full refund.
 I agree with Leah. This info has been posted before, so I'm not sure why people still think they can "make a killing" at these events. Okay, I do know why. Someone asks this question and someone posts an anecdote about how they (or someone they heard about) made big bucks and it was easy-peasy. Then people chose to pay attention to the anecdote and not to info posted by experienced professionals.      
 With NY's CFL, paper goods still in original packaging may be stored anywhere, such as the basement or attic. But all appliances must be in the kitchen/dining room area. This prevents transporting food from the approved (clean area with a permit/license) into another part of the house that has potential for contamination. 
Your idea sounds delicious! I agree with Annie, the graham crackers should soften enough for cutting the cake. (After a few days the crackers may be much softer - a telltale sign of an older cake.) 
 That phrase never loses its charm. 
 "Some Assembly Required" Love that! 
 If she wouldn't even say hello, she may not have been happy with something. But she does sound like a royal pain... 
 There's a chain of command. Not following it automatically puts you on the kill list. It lets them know you're not ready. I understand your enthusiasm and the idea has potential but IMO you're moving too fast.
 Meeting for a consultation at a restaurant or coffee shop sounds great, it's a way to chat face-to-face. Order something to drink - a cup of tea or coffee. Your potential clients can take their samples home. If you need to watch them eat cake, there are other places to meet, such as a community center or town hall. Sorry, but as a former bakery/cafe owner I find it unprofessional and rude to eat the samples while taking up seats in a business that sells food. 
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