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If you're not happy with the recipe, try another. Kahlua cake has no standard of identity, other than it should include Kahlua (even if it's just a teaspoon). My bakery made a Kahlua cake - it was a chocolate cake I'd adapted from a Hershey recipe. And it was one of our top-selling wedding cakes.  
How To Boil Water (The Right Way) ... Or something similar. Make it a spoof. Not everyone can pull it off, but you've got that great sense of humor and you're clever! Love to see what you do!!
Also try Webstaurant. They have a large selection in a range of prices and quality.
There are several possibilities for cookies having lost their shape. Have you made this recipe before and they came out right? It could be a "bad" recipe or your measuring was slightly off. Possibly too much sugar or not enough flour; or margarine instead of butter. If your oven was at least 300 degrees F, then it's probably not the oven temp.   After they are sandwiched together, moisture in the jam migrates to the cookies so they will be slightly softer than they are...
I'm not much of a decorator as compared to the incredible cakers we see here. It's all I can do to ice a smooth cake and pipe a border. But I can sure bake! @MBalaska, there is a niche market for those custom cakes. But hobby bakers are the ones who know how to find fun in the sometimes daily chore of life. Thank you for sharing that fun with us. 
 Giving away your recipes is like giving away the keys to your cash register. Giving Away Your Business Recipes, FAQ
Cute cake posted in Cake Central  
Great, that narrows down the problem (most likely) to your ingredients. I would try the suggestion from @winniemog and see what happens. Good luck!
 Thomas, is it every time you bake? Or every time you make the Red Velvet recipe?
Most people won't notice a problem so you don't have to call their attention to it. If it's for a customer, you have a limited number of choices. But if it's for friends/family then you have several options as posted above. You can also make a glaze or icing from confectioners' sugar to hide the cracks. I melt a little butter, then stir in sugar and a small amount of liquid (liquor, cream, water, etc) until it's thick but spreadable.   Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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