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  I assume this was ordered as a custom cake and apparently the customer preferred that design. It's definitely not what we would order, but we're not the customer...   
 Agree. No problem... Used cardboard circles for years. With commercial production it simplified the process.
What a mess. OP, you've posted several times in other threads about problems with your boss and I have clearly understood you don't like her. It's unfortunate that there continues to be great animosity, with no communication between the two of you.   We have an expression here: "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." In other words, go forth and be kind. Your new business will thank you.
Perforated pans have some benefits. They allow more bottom heat (helpful for pie crust) and stop condensation while products cool (great for pizza).
You need a good vacuum cleaner and lots of elbow grease. 
Donating for a charity or occasional bake sale is fine. Police will not arrest you for the kind act.
I use half sheet pans. I like rolled edges. Look at the selection from Webstaurant. (Don't ever pay more than $10.)
Why do we continually undermine our baking businesses? Please, stop already with the discounts. 
 Yup. What's nice for us is the ability to read through those threads. Although I don't like wasting my time on chronic liars, those who refuse to take responsibility, and rationalizers.   
 As the noose tightens (or in this case, as the cake falls apart) stories tend to change. We see it all the time.
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